Metal Premium Adjustable Tactical Laser Unit - Weaver Mount Included

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    Our take:  This premium metal tactical laser unit for your airsoft gun is FDA approved and is both durable and powerful. It is fully adjustable, so you can adjust the direction of the laser beam to your liking. Everything needed for use right out of the box is INCLUDED.  This tactical laser unit is compatible with all standard weaver rail systems.

    Package Includes: Tactical Laser Unit, Weaver mount, batteries, screwdriver, screws, and two (2) Allen wrenches for laser adjustment

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    Product Reviews

    crazy awsome deal
    By: trevor

    "I've got one on my shotgun,my g3,and one on my pistol and it only cost me $51 that how much you can spend on one that's a peace of crap compared to this one"

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    To Good To Be True
    By: Ian Schulz

    "This is personally my best investment on airsoft accessories buy this laser."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Cole Fox

    "i don't see why everyone is having trouble sighting it in. i found it to be really easy. you just have to pay attention to which way the laser is going when you adjust it. the full metal is nice, and the laser is pretty strong. i can see it up to about 160 ft it broad daylight. of course, i play in the woods though. I'd recommend this to anyone as an attachment any day."

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    Great laser
    By: Zach Fortney

    "I got this laser, and i thought it was going to be serious crap. I put it on and it works great! It is cheaper on other sights, but if you're getting a gun from this place, just get it here, because you have shipping costs at other places."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Christian

    "This laser is very low cost and on my m4 is super accurate at 100 ft. when adjusted correctly. "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Happy creeper

    "This is great and does its job. its very rugged, i dropped my gun on that side onto cement. Semi powerfull. comes with the 4 batteries and only uses 2. Spare!"

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    buyers rejoice!
    By: Samuel

    "wow finally a metal laser that doesn't cost a fortune... bought myself 3 of thesee and have em on all 3 rifles. awesome value............"

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    5 for its class
    By: Me

    "i got one of these with my gun and it is a nice addition. the laser has a long shine distnce. its good for big targets and by that i mean aim for chest shots so you have a better chance of hitting. the laser wont be right where it will hit so if its on the bottom of the gun im a little lower with the laser than where you want to hit. definately helpfull in indoor situations. buy it if you have the rail space. you never know when you will need it."

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    pretty good
    By: nameless

    "first off, the description says it comes with two allen wrenches, that is a lie, it only comes with one, and you only need one. it comes with 4 batteries, and only needs two, so you get replacements with it. pros: full metal adjustable easy to adjust cons: i can't think of any"

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    nice laser unit for a rifle
    By: good stuff good stuff

    "yeah i got this laser for my rifle, everything works great. build quality obviously not as great as the one at my local Big 5 Sport goods store for like $90, but can't complain since i got it for a much lower price."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: joe labossiere

    "id get a red dot scope. they both do the same thing.but someone could see the dot of the laser and shoot YOU whereas with the scope,its easier to use and no one will see it!"

    Was this review helpful to you?

    "For the prize it is not a bad add on. Solid and it works, it does the job. "

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    not sure how to rate this
    By: Ryan

    "i say his because i got it, but havnt exactly used it. but from what ive used it, it basically doesnt work in daylight and the pressure plate isnt that good. it show up in the dark, but if you are playing in the dark, then i recomend a flashlight, a laser is pointless if you can only see the laser and not the target"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Piece of Garbage
    By: Peter

    "Getting this laser, I had high expectations with all the good reviews. Opening the box everything looked fine, But then when I tried actually using the laser, It would not turn on unless I positioned it in the utmost correct position. When I took a look at the pressure plate to see what was wrong, The wire came right out of the rubber holding everything together. Overall I would not buy this laser."

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