BattleAxe Hi Cap Magazine High Speed Electric Winding System

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    Our take:  This is an amazing time saving device that fully winds Airsoft high capacity magazines in a fraction of the time it takes to wind a hi cap magazine by hand. The BattleAxe high capacity winding system easily winds any type of hi-cap magazine by simply pressing the hi-cap magazine down on the winding system, and in less than a minute your hi-cap magazine is fully wound! This awesome invention eliminates the sore thumbs and wasted time spent winding all of your Hi Cap magazines, and gives you more time to play!

    The BattleAxe Hi Cap Winding System is lightweight, compact, and durable. It takes two AAA batteries to operate.

    Don't miss out on this awesome time saving Airsoft device!

    Length: 4.5"
    Width: 1.5"
    Height: 2"
    Battery Type: 2x AAA Batteries (Included)

    Note:  The time it takes the BattleAxe Winding System to fully wind a hi cap magazine depends on the magazine type and capacity.

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    Product Reviews

    By: Chris

    "Greatest thing I bought from AMS. Bought $900 worth of items and this was the best thing we got. Fits any mag that is a gear wind up, so you're good to go with any gun."

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    Saves so much time!
    By: Ryan

    "This is a great item and very handy to have if you run high-caps Good: Only takes 45-55 seconds to wind a 600 rd high cap mag Really inexpensive Only takes two AAA batteries Fits ANY magazine Bad: None! Obviously this is a great buy! Highly recommend it!"

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    Waste of Money
    By: Justin Spear

    "It is OK, but you could never actually use it in a fight it is difficult to use and impractical, since there is no way to line up the gears so they crank together without looking."

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