BattleAxe Airsoft G36/R36 Mag-Well Conversion Kit for M4/M16 Magazines

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    Our take: This BattleAxe Airsoft G36/MK36/R36 Magwell Conversion Kit allows you to use M4 magazines with your G36 AEG! This is a great way to make your R36/ G36 AEG look more unique and make it compatible with almost all M4 magazines. Now you can finally swap M4 magazines with your teammates, when you're in a pinch! This Magwell Conversion Kit works extremely well and is constructed of high quality polycarbonate plastic. The conversion kit is very easy to install on compatible AEGs, and fits securely in place. The magazine release on the Magwell Conversion Kit is also similar to a standard M4 magwell with a left facing magazine release lever. This feature makes reloading much easier, and most M4 magazines will fit securely inside the magwell. This conversion kit also allows you to use M4 drum mags, however M4 box mags will not work with this magwell.  

    The BattleAxe Conversion Kit does not impact performance of the AEG in any way, and is only a conversion kit for
    Mk36/ R36/ G36 AEGs to use M4 magazines.

    Construction: Impact resistant Polycarbonate Plastic
    Color: Black
    Weight: 5oz.
    AEG Compatibility:
    Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, SRC, KWA and other compatible MK36 series Airsoft AEGs
    Magazine Compatibility: JG, Matrix, Echo1, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, SRC, DBoys and other compatible M4 type Magazines (Hi-Caps, Mid Caps, and Standard Caps WILL work with this conversion Kit)

    NOTE:  This magazine well conversion kit is NOT compatible with JG or Echo 1 R36/ G36 AEGs.  Modification may be necessary for this mag-well conversion kit to work properly with your AEG.

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    Product Reviews

    Very good upgrade.
    By: Daniel

    "Lets face it. M4/M16 mags are everywhere, and when a G36 player runs out of ammo on the field, they're usually screwed. But that's where this little beauty comes in. Pop out your magwell pin, take it off, and insert this one in. May need to sand down a little bit, but when its in, pop that mag well pin back on, and you're good to go. The M4/M16 magazines will be a bit wobbly in this, but duck tape can fix that with a few strips. After that, enjoy using your teammates magazines, and angering G36/AR-15 purists. Now for the other stuff- This went in a jg g36. Needed small amount of cutting, but old mag well can still fit as snug as before. Holds about five or so bbs inside. But their probably your teammates so why not? So there ya go, one of the best and easiest upgrades for a G36, and only for the price of about one M4 mag."

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    G36 Magwell Conversion
    By: Andrew

    "I bought one of these a while back for my JG G36k. THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR THE 2013 SERIES! (Not sure about the 2012 series). I have a friend who got this for his 2013 model (the one with the built in scope) and it would not fit because the hop up chamber has been redesigned and does not align correctly. I believe my G36 is the 2011 model and this does fit it - however, the new magwell does not come with a new pin to hold it on the gun and the holes are too small for the old pin. So you need to enlarge the holes to make the old pin fit. I did have feeding issues using low cap M4 mags, but that was during cold weather which most likely was the issue. Basically, this should be compatible with the older series G36, but definitely not with the newer ones with the redesigned hop-up."

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    Great conversion magwell
    By: Ryan

    "It's a great conversion magwell for any g36, i give it 4/5 start though because i had to sand it down just a little for it to fit in my jg g36c. Fits great, holds the m4 mags great, i love it"

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    great buy
    By: John Thomason

    "i bought this along with the proper hop up required to run it off another website and it works great the mags feed through it the only con i have found is although the mags feed to the last BB the last 5 rounds are left in the Magwell and they fall out during the mag was worth the money and i have 3 G36s with this set up and i am working on getting more"

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    Good, little wobbly
    By: Elliot

    "This is a good conversion, it's one of the only ones out there and it feeds well. The mag does sit in the well a little loosely though, for the high caps and mid caps I've used there is some wobble."

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    By: Sam

    "I had to cut off the top bb thing and sand down my bb acceptor on my g36 and it works. You will have to mod it for a jg g36."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Mike Feasel

    "1st. the adapter has an "s" shaped tube moving the bb's farther back to where the m4 mag feed is. this tube holds 5 bbs. aka anytime u change mags, 5 bb's fall out of the gun since they have no mag spring tension on them in that tube. Also, the mag catch is very light. aka, mags at times fall out of the mag well, especially heavier 500 rnd or double mags. Recommend for lighter (lowcap-midcap) mags."

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