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425 FPS WG Compact W3000 CO2 Non Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black

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    Our take:  The New Compact W3000 CO2 Non-Blowback Target Pistol is the perfect pistol for honing your target shooting skills. This pistol, modeled after a modern German compact pistol used by law enforcement, is solidly constructed out heavy duty polymer. The pistol is very well balanced and ergonomic, with comfortable non-slip finger shelving along the grip providing an optimal grip for target shooting. This unique airsoft target pistol also features fiber optic iron sights, further assisting you when lining up your sight picture. The W3000 CO2 non-blowback pistol fires extremely fast at over 500 FPS with 0.20g seamless BBs, and can fire more than 70 rounds off of a single 12g CO2 cartridge! This CO2 pistol is recommended for TARGET-shooting use only, as it is extremely powerful.

    This WG Compact W3000 High-Powered Non-Blowback Pistol comes with WG's patented slide away grip, which easily slides back for quick and secure CO2 cartridge loading.  It features a removable 15 round magazine, with an easy load opening for quick reloading. Also featured on the W3000 CO2 airsoft target pistol is an under barrel accessory rail for attaching flashlights and laser units.

    This pistol features a fully functional locking safety, as well as a functional magazine release button. The matte grey finish along with the tactical contoured black grip adds a highly tactical look to this compact pistol.
    * Features functional safety switch
    Operation:  CO2 repeater
    Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic repeater
    Build:  Impact Resistant Polymer
    Muzzle Velocity: 390-465 FPS, recommended for target shooting only!
    Magazine: 15-round magazine
    Weight:  2.3 pounds (extremely realistic)
    Ammo type:  0.20 gram seamless BB's or heavier

    Package includes:  Pistol, instruction manual

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    Product Reviews

    By: Johnathan

    "Okay first of all, this gun is indeed built very sturdy and very durably. This gun shoots at like 450 fps for about 120 shots and then the co2 runs out. Amazing dor the price definitely buy."

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    GREAT GUN!!!!!
    By: Brady

    "This gun is a great gun the sound the looks the way it shoots it just is amazing i would buy this gun over any other gun. You can shoot 55-60 shots with power before the c02 go out."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great Gun
    By: nicholas

    "Sturdy Gun good design, i love the grip good solid rubber grip. the gun its self fires well easy to load with a speed loader and easy to put co2 in. And it looks totally boss on ops. All in all good price for a good gun. If you are just starting to get in to side arms i definitely suggest this one and even if u are looking to expand your side are collection you cant go wrong with this versatile weapon."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Good CQB Weapon.
    By: Dane Whitefield

    "The gun feels good in the hands. It has a hop up problem so the shots aren't very accurate but, it is great when fighting in a close in area. Accuracy is good up to 40ft. I rate this gun high because it Hurts a bit but, is in a good enough area of fps to do zombies."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    ok gun
    By: epic airsofter 1

    "my brother bought thuis pistool a while ago the hammer is messed up and it dosent shoot 500 fps because of hammer problems i think this gun would be better if the hammer wasnt meessed up"

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    False advertisement
    By: Fisher

    "I just recieved this gun today and was shocked when i picked it up. As you may see in the discription, it says full metal, and built like a tank. This is a lie. The slide, grip, the tactical rail, trigger gaurd, barrel, saftey swich, mag release button, fake swiches, front and rear sight, and i could go on, but getting to the point, its solid plastic exept for the trigger, a few parts on the mag, and a few internal peices are accutal metal. The mag is twice as heavey as the acctual gun. The fps is great, about 530. When i was swiching out the front sight for the white one that came with it, i noticed that is i applied force to the slide, the right side would come off. Over all, if you want a real full metal gun, DO NOT buy this one, if you want a peice of crap with good FPS, then hit add to cart right now."

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