Condor Outdoor WOODLAND Camouflage Tactical Ghillie Suit - (XL - XXL)

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    - Three piece set:  Jacket, Pants, & Hood.
    - Mesh netting liner with fire retardant PP fur.
    - Seven shades of dye for maximum camouflage.
    - Ghillie Suit comes ready to wear.
    - One drawstring stuff bag for the Tactical Ghillie Suit.
    - Desert camouflage pattern blends in perfectly to any densely dry desert environment.

    Size:  XL to XXL
    Color:  DESERT

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    Product Reviews

    im glad i bought this...
    By: a sniper

    "when i first read that it said it was for dense vegatation i was kinda worried, but then when i opened the package and tried it on it was great! im sure it will work in the local area we play at which is woodland. the package was great, the three parts (head, shirt, and pants) all fit nicely and provide great camo (also they can be taken on and off fairl quickly) it even comes with a rifle wrap which looks awsome on my AGM mk96 also purchased on this site! i woudnt ever buy from anywhere else and im glad i got this. trust me if your a sniper and you have some woods get this i cant stress it enough. also thi is light weight, it may not say it on the site but the bag it comes in says it is and when i tried it i wore it out side and its not to hot either i said it once and ill gladly say it again! buy this... "

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    The Best ghillie suit ever
    By: Ninja

    "you need to get this if your a sniper and likes to sit back when i tried it on it was so cool and lightweight i could have ran a marothon if you need a ghillie suit you should get this its affordable and durable i've had it for 3 years and not a single rip now top that!!!!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Great Ghillie suit
    By: Justin

    "I storngly reccomend this ghillie suit to those of you who live with in a marshyish forrest area hence forth because the suit blends in to the brush around it and if your a sniper like I am I also strongly reccomend this because it comes with a gun cover and is easy to sit in for hours on end while you stalk your prey. The suit is light cool and just looks really good for forrestry and tall plants"

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