420 FPS DE MK96 ShadowOps Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Muzzle Velocity: 420 FPS
Build Material: Metal Outer Barrel, Polymer Stock
Weight: 5 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 29 rounds
Color: Black
Product Code:

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Our take:  The NEW DE Shadow Ops AWP MK96 bolt action sniper rifle is a great lightweight and versatile sniper rifle, perfect for outdoor airsoft games. With a full metal precision sniper inner barrel, the DE MK96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is one of the nicest bolt actions on the market for under $100.  It features a lightweight and rock solid ABS plastic stock, with a full metal outer barrel, bolt, and trigger assembly, combined with a high performance piston and cylinder which maximizes this rifles reliability.  This is easily one of the most lightweight, comfortable, and durable bolt-action snipers on the market, with performance that dominates the competition.

The body has a stealth black finish, preventing it from giving your position. The DE MK96 shoots extremely hard and accurately, consistently firing above 400 FPS (with 0.20g BB's).  With a fully adjustable hop up and an extremely long, precision sniper barrel, power and accuracy are ensured.  Being that this is the newest production run model, DE has enhanced this rifle's internals from the factory, upgrading the spring and bolt action assembly for performance and power without compromising reliability.  The MK96's barrel provides incredible range, easily hitting targets at 150 feet!

The bolt's action is crisp and confident, the shots are fired off with ease and precision, and the rear stock is both comfortable and sturdy. This kind of performance, coupled with the DE MK96's market-leading price tag means there is no better time than now to experience the sheer performance of this sniper rifle for you.
Operation:  Bolt Action
Firing Modes:  Bolt Action single shot
Muzzle Velocity:  380-423 FPS with 0.20g BBs, 350-390 FPS with 0.25g BBs
Magazine: 29-round magazine
Hop-up:  Adjustable
Weight:  5 pounds

Ammo type:  0.2gram seamless BBs, 0.25gram seamless BBs, 0.30gram seamless BBs

Package includes:  Rifle, manual, magazine, speedloader, Allen wrench

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Product Reviews

By: Brenden

"i like this gun I bought it when it was on sale awhile back. Like most sniper rifles you have to assemble it but that is no problem I bought a NcStar 3x9x40 earlier for another rifle and put it on. This rifle shoots a lot better when you use .28's or higher. WARNING= YOU WILL LOSE A PIECE IN THE STOCK IF YOU PUSH THE BOLT DOWN WHEN COKED BACK. other than that the rifle is great"

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GREAT GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: SuperAirsoftguyz

"I love this gun, it shoots really fast and accurate. It jams a lot when you just open it out of the package. But when you shoot it it gets better. I definitely recommend this gun. It is amazing."

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By: don wayman

"yes yuh should. this gun is awesome."

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L96 Sniper Rifle
By: Jcb97

"I'm very satisfied with this. Pros: 1.) Mostly realistic feel. 2.) Pretty good weight. 3.) Mostly easy to use. 4.) Precision Barrel is perfect. Cons: 1.) The bolt is a bit hard to pull back at first, but you get used to it and it gets easier quickly. 2.) The stock kinda hurts when you pull the bolt back but it's not a big deal, it's not that bad of a pain, and it wears off fast. It just gets sore. Overall a 4/5 Gun. Use .43g BBs with this to maximize the effectiveness of the gun."

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Love this rifle!
By: Bush Stalker

"This is an awesome "get what you pay for and a small bit more" rifle. It can handle harsh weather (just don't drop it on it bolt), its super sleek, light for its size, and awesome in almost everyway. Unfortunately mine did break one day when the bolt wouldn't slide back in, turns out a few things on the inside shattered but I did get a spare rifle from my friend and most of the parts in the rifle are surprisingly common."

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Overall Good Gun
By: Zach

"First off, this gun is at a great price for what is included in the package. It came with the gun, magazine, speed loader, sample bbs, sling, allen wrenches to put it together, and a sling. The gun is very comfortable, lightweight, and durable. I think it shoots 450fps with .20 gram bbs, although it says 380 to 423 on the box. There are also many other false statements too. The magazine does not hold 29 rounds, it holds 15! Also the bolt action and trigger assembly is not all metal. the recivers connecting the two pieces together are plastic, although it doesn't really matter much. Now here is the worst part of it, there are three holes on the bottom of the gun that connect the stock and forward grip onto the bolt, triggerand barrel. The screws were slightly short and would not thread in! So I had to take the body apart to take out the bad screws and put new ones in! Lastly, the gun shoots pretty hard and fast, and has a decent accuracy. In my first war with it I averaged 1 hit per single elimination on a 4 on 4 match. The only problems ive run into on the gun is you have to pull the bolt back smooth and straight, or else it becomes hard to pull back. Then just about three days after I got it, when you shoot it in cold weather, the spring makes a low "dung" like sound. Overall good gun and would recommend for starters."

Was this review helpful to you?
By: Foolbag101

"When I first got this gun I thought it had come with no screws to put it together. Although it was incredibly easy to put together ,with only the barrel and plastic bottom, it still to three screws. Stupid me, they were already in they're place six months after I got it. Other than that, it's pretty good. It is sometimes testy in shooting but overall it's fine."

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By: caleb

"i bought this gun and the bolt stoped working after a few shots, but the first few shots were great i would reccomend this gun to begginers or someone w/ a sniper rifle"

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Not to durable
By: Mike Logan

"I used to have this gun. It was an okay gun. effective up to 90 - 110 feet Smooth bolt action After a while of using it , every time I pushed the bolt forward the gun went off. I would suggest paying a little more for the VSR-10 ! "

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this gun suks
By: Jonathan

"this gun stinks first off on the 3 week the bolt spring brakes also the guns mag only soots 24 out of 25 pellets. the olnly good thing about this gun is that has a thum hole"

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De mk 96
By: Connor

"It's junk I got it and it worked for a few mins then when i cocked the bolt back it would not stay in place and it flew ford and broke off my safety"

Was this review helpful to you?
Awesome but lies
By: Lars

"I bought this for 49$ and for the money a great buy but my rating comes in because I took this to my local shop and had it crono'd and it hit 335 at highest but if u look at the description it says 440. My advice, stay away save the cash and buy a m700 or jg bar 10 even just a bravo bv3, but stay away from this gun."

Was this review helpful to you?
By: AirSoftNerd69

"When i first got this gun within a week the bolt broke. Also for that week it was really inaccuret even with .28 BB's. The HOP-Up didn't work at all and it kept getting jammed!!! Don't get this gun!!!! I don't know if mine was damaged but it sucks!!! You should pay a bit more for the VSR-10!"

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