AGM Airsoft 185mm Aluminum Barrel Extension - 14mm CW & CCW - BLACK

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    Our Take: This New AGM Barrel Extension is perfect for covering and protecting longer inner barrels. This Barrel Extension is made of high quality, lightweight Aluminum which provides excellent protection for your AEG's inner barrel. The barrel extension has both clockwise and counterclockwise threading which will fit any 14mm threaded outer barrel. The barrel extension is flat black, with a textured coating to prevent the barrel extension from slipping when handling. This universal barrel extension is a great way to cover an extended inner barrel on your airsoft gun. Turn your AEG into an elite special operations airsoft rifle with the NEW AGM 185mm Universal Barrel Extension!    
    Manufacturer: AGM
    Weight: 14oz
    Length: 185mm
    Exterior Diameter: 33mm
    Internal Diameter: 30mm
    Thread Diameter: 14mm
    Threading: Clockwise & Counterclockwise
    Color: Black
    Material: Aluminum

    Disclaimer: This barrel extension does not come with a painted orange tip. Please reference your state and local laws before attaching this accessory to your airsoft gun.

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    Product Reviews

    First silencer, last silencer.
    By: Alex Williams

    "I was first attracted to this suppressor because of the price, but I'm very impressed with its overall appeal and construction. Its a decent grade aluminum and doesn't wobble on my G&G Raider CQB, it really tac'd it up. It's extremely satisfying to hear the muffled "pop" with every shot. Well worth the money at a great value. I don't see why I'd need another one."

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    Looks so sexy
    By: Zech

    "I like this suppressor a lot because it doesnt have any cheesy brand names on it or anything like that, though you can tell the quality isn't as good as another company's but still, it makes my M4 S-System look pretty sexy....and scary ;)"

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    AGM Barrel Extension
    By: Redeemed Guy

    "This barrel extension is great! It is bigger than I expected and it looks amazing on my CYMA CM028 AK47. It has both Counter Clockwise and Clockwise threads. The ends that twist on to your gun actually twist off of the main body of the barrel extension. This is a bit awkward if your gun has Counter Clockwise threads because the barrel extension twists clockwise to separate from the end piece that twists onto your gun. So if you try to tighten one piece, the other will come loose if you do not hold it. But it does not make any hinderance to the barrel extension being mounted on the gun! All in all I give this piece a 5/5 on quality, structure (metal), and AWESOME look. Buy it!!!"

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    By: Tony

    "for any one that is wondering, i took a shot in the dark and bought this. it is a silencer/barrel extension. It comes packed with foam to reduce some noise but obviously not all of it. It is both CCW and clockwise threaded for a 14mm barrel. It also has a nice matte black finish. This is a really good buy and i would definatley recomend it to anyone that wants to install a longer inner barrel or to add a nice looking can to there rifle or pistol. I hope this helps clear up any confusion considering the lack of a picture or description."

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    By: Lorenzo Carrazana

    "To all the people who are wondering if this will fit your gun. it will fit ANY gun that once you remove the orange tip has a 14mm screw on it. Its made of ok aluminum and has a really nice looking finish on it. the only problems is that it is sometimes a bit wobbly and the paint scratches if eve look at it. id recomend getting a longer tightbore barrel and looks great i got it on my m4"

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    Pleasantly Surprised
    By: Alex H.

    "My friend and I both bought one of these for each of us as part of a large order, needless to say I was very excited to learn that this isn't exactly a "mock" silencer, it actually tones a couple of my airsoft guns down substantially! My JG G36KE is whisper quiet from the front of the gun because of this silencer, and my Galaxy MP5K PDW that was, according to many reviewers, "very loud" is also very quiet because of this silencer. The foam padding and spring inside the silencer really does do a good job silencing your airsoft gun, so whether you're doing it for the looks or are actually trying to find something to quiet your gun down, this will do it! The only complaint we had is that his silencer was shipped with TWO Clockwise threads instead of one of each. The ends of the silencer are removable and both of his ends had Clockwise threading, so he couldn't use his. Make sure when you get it that it has a CCW end on it so you don't accidentally cross-thread your barrel!"

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    It does the job
    By: Vince

    "Very inexpensive 190mm barrel extension. My only gripe is that the paint chips easily, although not quite as easily as some more expensive mock silencers I've seen. IMO, this is the one to get simply because of the price."

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