G-Force Airsoft 220-Round BB SpeedLoader XL Hi-Cap

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    Our take:  This is NEW XL BB SpeedLoader is a must-have for any player who owns an airsoft gun, whether it be it an spring, AEG or gas blowback rifle.  It conveniently loads up to 220 rounds, which is suitable for most mid cap and high capacity magazines, allowing users to load BBs quickly and efficiently with no hassle.  Excellent quality makes it more durable than the other BB loaders on the market.

    - Durable design for repeated use
    - Ultra high capacity
    - Hold up to 220 rounds. 

    Color:  BLACK (translucent)

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    Product Reviews

    By: Andrea

    "This is perfect for my KWA kriss vector, reloading in the field is a charm now! Only thing i carry is this and a little 8 oz propane tank in the field with 4 xtra mags"

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    By: bill

    "its not to big that's what i like about it"

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    Very helpful!
    By: H. S

    "Nice speedloader, a must-have for any shotgun or sniper rifle."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Titus

    "These are mainly for sniper slips that hold 24-32 rounds. pain in the butt to load in the field without one of these handy speedloaders. im ordering a sniper and a speedloader next week but my friend has one of these so i know they work great but if ur not a sniper u dnt really need it"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    terribly useless
    By: Justin

    "may be usefull to some peoplez but for me it's terribly useless since my mag holds more than that"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Mitchell

    "This loader is good and it does hold about 200 BB's. I is good for loading pistols or anything with a low capacity or just refilling mid caps between games. It is not the best for using during the fight but no speed loader really is. Overall it is good for maybe backyard wars, pistols, or reloading mid caps in between matches."

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    By: Jodi Daniels

    "Good speedloader.... holds alot and fairly priced...jams on occasion but overall good"

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    By: SoldierOfFortune

    "I bought this not too long ago for my pistols. The construction is good and relatively durable. It has jammed once or twice, but it's easy to fix. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for any magazine that you need to push down on before putting the pellets in, so it didn't work for me. I plan to get a shell fed shotgun soon, so hopefully this will work for that."

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    its okay
    By: Ryan McGrath

    "its okay, its durable but gets jammed alot. its some times hard to un jam it but it works 75% of the time"

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    Speed reloader
    By: Chris Carangelo

    "This 100 round speed reloader it all plastic. Its not very durable so i do not recommend it for battle. For every push of the button it loads about 4 to 5 bb's and must be held completely upright to work. Is best for reloading sniper rifles, pistols or anything with a small bb capacity. Over all good for just using at home. -Chris "

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