0.20g G&G Perfect BIODEGRADABLE Seamless 6mm Airsoft BBs - 5000rd Bag

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    Our take: G&G, renowned for their high grade full metal gearbox AEGs, has designed some of the most reliable precision grade airsoft BIODEGRADABLE BB's available on the market!  The G&G Biodegradable Perfect BB's are flawless in construction and feature a seamless exterior.  In addition to being perfectly manufactured, they are also non-toxic.  Unlike many other biodegradable airsoft BB's on the market, G&G Bio BB's do not leave residue inside your AEG.  They are also much less likely to break apart on impact, making them a safer choice than most airsoft biodegradable BB's. 

    Aside from being some of the most reliable and accurate biodegradable airsoft BB's, G&G BIO BB's also decompose much faster than most biodegradable BB's.  G&G BIO BB's can, in an optimal environment, fully degrade in as little as 47 days! G&G's Precision airsoft Biodegradable BB's are guaranteed to work with all tightbore airsoft inner barrels, measuring 5.95mm +/- .01mm.  These G&G BIO BB's are uniform both in weight and size, providing you with greater accuracy and shot consistency.  Unlike other low grade airsoft biodegradable BB's, these BB's will not cause your magazine to fail, your barrel to jam, or leave shards inside the gearbox.  Whether you are using a precision high power airsoft sniper rifle or a high end metal gearbox AEG, G&G's precision airsoft BB's are guaranteed to perform!

    Airsoft Megastore has secured a direct connection to carrying these high quality BBs, and thus can offer them to every Airsoft enthusiast at the lowest price on the market.  Eliminate barrel jam, increase POWER, and protect the environment with G&G's Precision Biodegradable airsoft BB's!

    Made in Taiwan.
    Bag Count: 5,000 rounds (1kg)
    BB Diameter: 5.95mm (+/- 0.01mm)
    BB Weight: 0.20g

    Color:  WHITE

    0.20g G&G Perfect BIODEGRADABLE Seamless 6mm Airsoft BBs - 5000rd Bag Categories:

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    Great .2 BB
    By: Michael

    "I am an older person but new to airsoft. As an older person one concern i have about my newfound hobby is resale of land i own and having BB's laying all around is a sure way to create issues for resale in later years. I will be rating all the BIOs as i use them. Physical Characteristics: Made from PLA (polylactic acid) which is used in many biodegradable plastic things we use such as cups etc. Basically it's made from Corn Starch or sugar cane. In warm climates this stuff can break down as quickly as 47 days according to the packaging. Up to 4 years in cold climate ares (4 C, 40 F) They are super slick to the touch, and i can see no difference in appearance from plastic non bios. Tolerances are the same under Micrometer readings. Under magnification i see no surface defects. If i were to mix a bag of these bios with other white non bios i could not differentiate the 2 types or brands. Ballistics; No issues that i don't have with regular BBs, Good flight, Only 1 jamming instance and that was immediately after using silicon oil to clean and lube my barrel. I now run dry patches after my silicon patch to ensure i dry up any excess and i have had no further jamming issues. I'm getting 300 FPS with these .2 bios and getting 150 ft easily with tight grouping. Personal Opinion: Some say that bios are trouble for the guns, but i am not finding that to be the case. Maybe 10 years ago, but these are great ammo. Better to use Bios and not upset the land owners in my opinion. The G&G brand are a 5 star, i will be buying more. Next to order, buy and rate will be the Goldenball brand."

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