430 FPS KJW KC02 Open Bolt Airsoft Gas Blowback Railed Sniper Rifle

WAS : $249.95
YOU SAVE $25.00 !
Muzzle Velocity: 460 FPS
Build Material: Nylon Fiber and Aluminum
Weight: 5.25 lbs
Propellant: Green Gas
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
Color: Black
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    Our take:  The NEW KJW KC02 gas blowback carbine is the ultimate multipurpose airsoft rifle, designed similarly to the 10/22 carbine.  The KJW KC02 is hard hitting and accurate enough to be used as a designated sniper rifle, or used as a semi-auto primary weapon.  Its lightweight nylon fiber and CNC aluminum construction makes this carbine extremely durable and keeps its weight under 6lbs! This carbine could be easily slung over your shoulder as a secondary long distance rifle! The realistic action and recoil of the KJW KC02 makes this carbine great for Military simulation games, and adds an intense sense of realism to your airsoft games.  Unlike other airsoft distributors, Airsoft Megastore carries the KJW KC02 with the extended 30rd gas magazine and fiber optic flip-up front and rear sights!

    This gas blowback KJW KC02 rifle has many realistic functions including the open bolt system, which locks the bolt to the rear when all rounds are spent from the magazine, a functional charging handle, and a realistic buffer tube (which can use any type of airsoft M4 stock)! The KJW KC02 Gas Blowback rifle is by far one of the best performing and quality constructed gas blowback rifles on the market.  Best of all, unlike most gas blowback rifles, the magazines for the KJW KC02 Carbine won't break the bank.

    The KJW KC02 Carbine gas blowback airsoft rifle features a lightweight nylon fiber frame, and a CNC aluminum barrel and rail system.  The rail system on this carbine provides plenty of space for attaching upgraded optics, bipods, fore grips, and other accessories.  The build quality of this gas blowback rifle ensures that it will stand-up to even the most intense airsoft battles, and gives this carbine a truly authentic feel and hyper realistic look.  The KJW KC02 Carbine only fires in semi-auto, which makes it "field legal" at most airsoft fields as a designated sniper rifle.  The hop-up of this carbine is very easy to access an adjust, located on the top rail of the gun.

    Overall, the KJW KC02 Gas Blowback Carbine is THE best deal on the market for hard hitting semi-auto gas blowback rifle.  The realism of this rifle is amazing! With a fully functional open bolt system, charging handle, and bolt locking feature, this gas blowback KJW KC02 will completely change your airsoft experience! The KJW KC02 gas blowback carbine's realistic function, recoil, and full rail system truly makes this one of the most realistic, and fun to shoot airsoft rifles on the market! Don't miss out on amazing KJW KC02 gas blowback carbine!

    * This KJW KC02 gas blowback airsoft carbine is 100% ATF approved, and cannot be modified to fire real ammunition.

    - Full Aluminum Rail system
    - Full Nylon Fiber & CNC Aluminum Construction
    - Realistic Recoil
    - Easy to Access & Adjust Hop-Up
    - Realistic Loading and Firing Action
    - 30 round gas magazine included

    Operation:  Gas Blowback
    Body:  Nylon Polymer & CNC Aluminum
    Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic
    Muzzle Velocity:  402-464 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs (Airsoft Megastore Recommends using .25g or heavier BB's with this Carbine)
    Magazine:  30-round low capacity (green gas/ propane magazine)*
    Gas Bolt System:  Open Bolt
    Hop-up:  Adjustable (located on top of top rail)
    Weight:  5.25 pounds

    * Do NOT fill magazine with more than 30rds, as the loading nozzle may break

    430 FPS KJW KC02 Open Bolt Airsoft Gas Blowback Railed Sniper Rifle Categories:

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    Product Reviews

    Excellent Semi-Auto rifle
    By: Jeremy Richardson

    "Before this rifle I only ever had full auto electric rifles. I got this because I wanted to upgrade to gas. This thing is a beast. The only issue I've had with it so far is sometimes the gas runs out before all 30 rounds are fired. (This may be because I'm using an old propane tank, and am new to gas rifles) Pro: Very accurate Pro: Lots of rails for accesories Pro: Good flip up sights. Pro: Easily removable sights Pro: Realistic Pro: Long Range Con: Low ammo capacity Con: Hard to find spare magazines Con: Semi-Auto only (I like options)"

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    THis will change your game
    By: BRUCE

    "With a scope, we hit a 3x6 target 300 feet away 8/10 times. We use 30g BB's, I'm afraid 20's might burst. This is truly a BEAST. It's never jammed, so you can pin down the enemy better than the AEG's. Likethe other KJW gas guns, very high FPS, so use it like a sniper. Remember, the propane is a liquid, so be sure its nozzle side down when you fill your mags. We fill with 28 bb's, and we always get all 28 shots."

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