Battery Option Limited 11.1V LiPo Mini / Small Type Battery - 1400 mAh

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    * Lithium Polymer Battery Disclaimer: Airsoft Megastore is not responsible for LiPO battery usage in airsoft guns that are not ready to handle these high-powered, advanced battery packs. The buyer must make sure that his or her airsoft gun is FULLY ready to handle Lithium Polymer batteries as a power source before plugging in the battery to his or her airsoft gun.

    - LIPO batteries cannot be charged with any standard battery chargers-- they MUST be charged with specific LIPO battery chargers --overcharging LIPO batteries is dangerous, so a LIPO specific balance charger MUST be used in conjunction with your LIPO battery
    - It is in your best interest to keep LIPO batteries fully charged,both when in usage and in storage. To fully charge the battery, you must use a LIPO smart charger that stops the charge immediately after it senses the LIPO battery is fully charged.
    - NEVER discharge a LIPO battery (there is no need)
    - Internal damage to your airsoft gun can and will occur if your airsoft gun does NOT have a full metal gearbox AND does not shoot over380 FPS. Reinforced internals are a must for LIPO usage!

    Our take:  Lithium Polymer batteries are the newest batteries for Airsoft and other hobby toys that require rechargeable batteries. They feature a light-weight design with a high output power source. This is a professional-grade 11.1v Li-Po battery can deliver more power than a 12v Ni-MH large type battery at only half of the size and a third of the battery cells. This means that by using this battery you save weight and as a result can use your gun more efficiently. Since your overall weight of you gun will be lighter, your gun will be swifter on the field. Every little advantage can help improve your game in the competitive world of Airsoft. If you are looking for plenty of hours of use without sacrificing quality, then this is the battery you have been looking for. The perfect replacement for your manufactured-supplied battery. Just be sure to use a Lithium-Polymer battery DESIGNATED charger when charging this battery to ensure the safest charge for the battery.

    This battery is produced by Battery Options Limited. Battery Options Limited provides a wide array of airsoft specific Li-Po batteries. Battery Options Limited follows rigorous quality control processes to ensure that each battery works at its full potential. Airsoft Megastore is committed to providing airsofters with the highest quality Li-Po batteries and Battery Options Limited lives up to our high standards.

    For your own safety, be sure to use a compatible LIPO BATTERY SMART CHARGER that is stated to be compatible with this battery.  Do not try to disassemble the battery. If the battery is damaged or shows signs of damage, do not charge it. Always monitor the battery closely during a charge to make sure it is charging correctly. Remember when it comes to Airsoft safety is always first.

    *A high-performance and long-last battery perfect for your AEG gun.

    Battery Specs:
    Manufacturer: Battery Options Limited
    Capacity: 1400mAh
    Voltage: 11.1v
    Discharge Rate: 15C
    Plug Type: Mini Tamiya
    Chemistry: Li-Po
    Recommended Fit: M4A1, R36 series, M5-series (mini battery compatible models), SCAR, AUG, P90
    Best if stored in temperatures between 35-70 degrees. Keep away from direct sun light or heat.

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    In response....
    By: Ranger

    " answering your questions yes this battery will fit in a PEQ box because PEQ boxes are meant to hold bigger batteries than lipos in the first place. Gene, it says right in the description of the product in big red lettering that you must use a lipo charger and nothing else to charge lipo batteries. Hope this helps fellas."

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    PEQ box
    By: Joshua Bruch

    "I was just wondering if this battery would fit on my PEQ battery box. Please respond."

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