340 FPS Licensed IWI S&T Tavor TAR-21 Bullpup AEG Airsoft Rifle - OD

WAS : $169.95
YOU SAVE $33.99 !
Model: TAR-21
Muzzle Velocity: 340 FPS
Build Material: Polymer Receiver
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Overall Length: 26.5" in.
Inner Barrel: 413 mm
Battery Type: 8.4V Mini
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Color: OD Green
Product Code:

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    Our take: The S&T Armament Tavor T.A.R. 21, with fully licensed IWI (Israeli Weapon Industries) trademarks, is one of the most highly-anticipated new AEGs to hit the market this year.  The Airsoft Tavor, a rare sight to behold on the Airsoft fields, instantly turns you into Airsoft royalty.  The TAR-21, which stands for Tavor Assault Rifle 21st Century, is a highly effective fully automatic assault rifle with a bullpup design, meaning the bolt is designed to be behind the pistol grip, which makes for more compact overall rifle length without compromising barrel length and subsequently, power and accuracy.

    The receiver/rifle body is made out of a lightweight and durable polymer.  A high-strength proprietary polycarbonate gearbox and Quick Change Spring System with 8mm metal bushings means this rifle is definitely designed to perform.  Shooting at JUST under 350 FPS with 0.20g BBs, the S&T Tavor Tar-21 makes for one of the very best and certainly most unique CQB weapons we've handled all year.  And with the latest and most advanced spring change system ever, the Tar-21 allows for extremely quick and efficient spring changes without having to take apart your entire rifle.  This means simple power upgrades with minimal hassle.

    The Tavor T.A.R. 21 features front and rear flip up sights for accurate aiming, and also features a top rail for easy optics mounting.  We prefer our Tavor to be mounted with a G51 or G52 holographic red/green dot sight, for ultra fast target acquisition and amazing maneuverability in pretty much any type of playing space.

    A functional charging handle enhances realism, while the ambidextrous mag release adds creature comforts.

    Battery and charger are NOT included.  An 8.4v mini battery (NiMH) will get you started, and a standard NiMH battery smart charger is also needed to charge your 8.4v battery.  Make sure to get the right charger if you do not already own one yet.  

    High Strength ABS Body
    Flip-up Front & Rear Sight and  Installed Top And Side Rail Set
    Functional Charging Handle & Bolt
    High Strength Polycarbonate Gearbox With Quick Change Spring System
    8mm Metal Bushings
    V-Shaped BAXS System
    Front Handguard Battery Compartment fits 8.4V and 9.6V 2/3A mini and butterfly batteries

    Operation:  Electric Automatic
    Build/Body:  Durable ABS polymer
    Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic and Full-automatic
    Firing Velocity:  340 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
    Magazine:  300-round hi-cap M4 mag
    Length:  672mm
    Inner Barrel Length:  413mm
    Weight:  4.5 lbs

    Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.28g, etc)BBs.  For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Megastore recommendsGoldenBall ProSlick BBs which carry perfect spherical consistency anddensity, available at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on themarket, guaranteed.

    Package includes:  Rifle, 300rd hi-cap mag, manual

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    Product Reviews

    By: Taylor

    "This is an awsome gun. Very light pretty good accuracy . Only thing that could use some work is the iron sights and the gear box. But that's what a few upgrades are for right. But I would highly recomend a red dot sight for this gun. It has pretty cheap iron sights"

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    By: Tyler

    "This gun is pretty insane, its hard to get use to and its not made for left handed people and sadly im left handed, another thing....BUY A BATTERY! i forgot to put this in my shopping cart because i thought it came with it because i didnt read haha, really good gun overall"

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    S&T Tavor-21
    By: TheFrostySpence

    "First off I think right out of the box, you have a pretty decent AEG. The pros on this gun would be that it is very light, both front and back sights are abel to flip up and down, its is very pretty ,adverage FPS and acuracy for a cheaper AEG, and its overall bullpup action and short length. But there are some very serious cons that come into play, for starters the orange flash hider is unremovable, it has a really light and chaeap plastic for both sights, very limeted rail space, the same cheap plastic for the body, and right next to the beautifully ingraved "made is israel by IWI" is a even bigger "made in China". But the ingaved "made in china" aside it is a very close resembleance to the actual IWI Tavor-21. And overall you have an okay AEG for most engagements. "I wold HIGHLY recomend a sling as to not drop it or it WILL break." If you are looking for a higher quality airsoft Tavor-21 you should check out Elite Force's.... MUCH better. -TheFrostySpence"

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    Great Starter
    By: J Swift

    "My brother order this gun about a week ago, and it is a decent enough AEG. It's great for a starter, someone who is just getting into the game or for someone who is interested into the whole "Bullpup" design. It shoots fast enough, my brother put his nun-chuck style 9.6v battery into it an it shot about 600 FPS. The battery that it comes with is really bad, with it it only shot about 340 FPS, Its also got a problem with the hop-up. When it starts going it can only shoot straight for about 50-60 BB's before they start going crazy. All in all, it is a decent enough gun. It is very solidly made, no rattling or anything. The magazine fits into it really well, I'm using the DBoyz M4 hi-cap magazines. As I have already stated, its a good AEG for beginners or to check out the "Bullpup" design."

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