12X Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Distraction Device Airsoft Sound Grenades

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    Our take: What is the scariest sound on an airsoft field? Answer: a Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 sound grenade exploding right next to you! The Hakkotsu Thunder B Sound Grenade is one of the loudest, and easiest to use airsoft sound grenades on the market. The sound level of a Thunder B grenade explosion is 130db, which is equivalent to a loud commercial jet flying overhead! When these grenades explode, there is no mistaking the sound. These grenades are great for airsoft battles due to their ease of use, compact shape, and extreme durability. A great feature of the Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenades is their realistic firing mechanism with a fully functional grenade spoon and pin. The Thunder B cores are crafted of lightweight and durable CNC Aluminum, and can easily withstand the heavy stress of an airsoft game.

    The grenade has three main components; the core and firing (puncturing) pin, a 12g CO2 cartridge (not included), and the hard plastic outer shell. When the grenade pin is pulled, and the grenade spoon/ handle is let go, the pin punctures the CO2 cartridge. The cartridge then releases its gas into the chamber of the hard plastic outer shell. When the pressure reaches a certain point (normally within 3-5 seconds) the Thunder B grenade shell bursts open, emitting an extremely high decibel popping sound. After the grenade has burst, simply reset the firing mechanism and load a new CO2 cartridge and shell into the Thunder B core.

    The Thunder B CO2 grenade is great for clearing buildings, setting booby traps, and disorienting your opponents. The sound grenades are very safe and do not fire any projectiles, however caution and normal safety procedures should always be practiced when using a Thunder B grenade. Always wear face, eye, and ear protection when using Thunder B grenades. The sound of an exploding Thunder B brings a new level of intensity and realism to any airsoft game. Make room clearing a breeze with the Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenade!

    Note: Grenade shells are NOT reusable. CO2 cartridges and grenade shells must be replaced before each use. DO NOT throw a Thunder B grenade towards another player, as the grenades are hard and can be heavy. Always use an under hand toss or roll when using the Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenades.

    Manufacturer: Hakkotsu
    Core Construction: CNC metal, and Nylon Polymer
    Shell Construction: Plastic
    Operation: 12g CO2 Cartridge (not included)

    NOTE:  This product CANNOT be shipped to Canada.  Airsoft grenades or any similar mock explosive device are strictly prohibited by the Canadian border authority.

    Package Includes: 12 x Thunder B "Distraction Device" Shells, 1 x Thunder B CO2 Sound Grenade Core, 2 x Grenade Pins, Instruction Manual

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    Product Reviews

    Fun but not practical
    By: ian

    "I bought one of these grenades from airsoft gi about a year ago and have only just now used up the 3 shells that it came with you seldom need these but sometimes you need to put something over a wall or in a ditch and for this these are perfect I have found that if you put 1/4 cup of water in the shell and then add about 20 bbs you get good detonation time and optimal spread of bbs buy if you like to use gear that is not common on the fields"

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    thunder b's
    By: pa airsoft

    "These things are amazing! The field I usually play at is a small, cqb oriented field in a warehouse, and people are always using these thunder b's. For you numbers people, they are 180 decibels, and for you non numbers people, they are loud as a 70's car without its muffler! (in a small room). They are really cheap and a good bang for your buck, literally. Even if you don't think you will be clearing rooms, or your field does not have rules on grenades of this nature, they are a good buy. At my field, if one of these is thrown, everyone stops for at least a second or two trying to figure out whats going, which is prime time for a serious push. I would highly recommend. Very easy to set up as well. This is a good price as well. Go for the buy, you wont be disappointed."

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