Tenergy Airsoft 8.4V NiMH Large Battery for AEG - 5000 mAh MONSTER

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    Our take:  This premium 8.4V 5000 mAh battery pack by Tenergy, compatible with all airsoft AEGs with a big housing stock (will not fit in an AEG rifle where the battery is placed within the handguard or crane stock), is a must-have for skirmishes and the occasional lengthy airsoft game.  For the price, this large type battery is unbeatable in power, value and overall quality and battery life.

    - Compatible with airsoft electric guns:  MP5SD5, G3SG1, M16 series (M16A1, A2, A3, A4, DMR), SR-16, T3A3, AK47, and TM PSG1, ICS ERA001, ERA003, EROA001, EROA004, EROA005, ERAU001, SDGE0501F2, SDGE0508F2 AEGs.
    - Advanced NiMH battery technology with no battery memory effect
    - Battery can be charged anytime without the need to fully discharge for easy and hassle-free operation

    Voltage:  8.4V
    Cells:  7 NiMH Sub C
    Configuration:  Flat
    Capacity:  5000 mAh
    Maximum Discharge Rate:  40A
    Connector Type:  Large Female Tamiya
    Height:  1" in.
    Width:  1.75" in.
    Length:  6.25" in.
    Weight:  18 oz

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    Product Reviews

    By: DJ SCR1B8L3S

    "Would somebody be able to give me a size of this battery in inches so i know if i can buy this or not and will it fit in that m16 DMR "MAYHEM" rifle"

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    By: somebody

    "i got two of these batteries and they are amazing! they made my m16 shoot about 440 and the rof was 25 bps! i abloloutley pone with these. o yea one more thing. these batteries are huge. they dont fit into the stock of my gun and i have one of the largest stock you can get. the wires hang out but the battery is in the stock. so if you want a good large type. GET THESE"

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    By: arlene Santiago

    "I have a JG MAYHEM M16A4 and this made my gun perform at unbelievable levels I LOVE THIS battery "

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    By: laxin

    "good battery but you can pretty much hear the difference. There's KIND OF A difference in the sound your gun makes. (it may be because i have a jg) and i only use it wen i need to. i would reccomend just getting more lower capacity batteries and a smart charger to charge your batteries in 1/7 th of normal time. p.s. i do have upgraded internals"

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