SRC Full Face Tactical Sansei Mesh Face Mask - BLACK

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    Our take:  The SRC Tactical "Assault" Mesh Face Mask is one of the most comfortable and low profile face masks that we carry, made from protective and flexible plastic with a metal mesh lens.  The mask features wide lower face masks, to decrease moisture build up and increase ventilation.  The durable metal mesh lens will stop up to 400 FPS .20g BB's at point blank range, however because the lens is mesh we always recommend you wear hard lens safety glasses beneath the mask. Unlike many other mesh masks on the market, the SRC Tactical "Assault" Mesh Face Mask offers a clear and unobstructed view.  Crafted from high quality shatter-proof silicone plastic with a perforated aluminum eye shield.

    This is a basic mask, and protects against shots up to 400 FPS.  We do not recommend the use of this mask in scenarios/conditions in which the mask may be subject to higher-powered shots.

    Eye protection is a must for any airsofter. Always play responsibly and keep distance. Wearing safety glasses beneath this mask is highly recommended.

    Size:  One size fits most (adjustable)
    Mesh Construction: Stamped Metal Alloy

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    Product Reviews

    By: TJ

    "Fits on better than most masks, and survives hits up to 400fps. Pretty good for any in door game."

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    Fits over glasses
    By: Skylar


    It may not be the best mask, but it's the only full-face mask I've ever seen that fits comfortably over my glasses.
    AMS CS: 
    Hey! Thank you for the review! If you're looking for a mask to fit comfortably over your eyeglasses, check out the G-FORCE PRO SERIES FULL FACE MASK! It is ventilated as well to prevent fogging!

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    Very suprising
    By: Mike

    "Well i took this thing out of its crapy plastic box. and i was amaizes the thing has reel ruber... i thought it would be crap. I tried it on and it was comfortable and easy to see and breath!! "

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    good mask for price
    By: niko scheich

    "good mask for the price handle with care mine the pis came out"

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    By: bill

    "this mask does what they say it does it protects from shots up to 400 fps unfortunately my airsoft group uses 400+ fps so I decided to give a test I took an airsoft gun firing 470 fps with .2 bbs and fired it at the mask from about 10 feet and the bbs tore right though so in other words this is a good mask it just cannot be used in high power games"

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    By: Evin

    "It is a horrible mask I got 2 and they fall apart very easily and a pistol dented it from up close so who knows what a machine gun would do to it my opinion is to get a better mask and also is not that comfortable there are like 3 pins that are supposed to keep it together ( they don't ) that keep on poking you when you're running or walking"

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