Airsoft DBoys Large Premium AN PEQ-2 Battery Box Case RIS Mount

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    Our take: This premium DBoys Airsoft PEQ-2 Box is for battery storage, with RIS mount included.  A must-have for your airsoft AEG if you have a rail system and want to conveniently place your battery on the rail.  It comes fully assembled so you can easily install it on your airsoft rifle in a matter of seconds.  Universal fit on all standard weaver rail/RIS systems.

    - Fits: ICS, Classic Army, JG, DBoys, Tokyo Marui, G&P AEGs (and more!)
    - Extremely nice finish with heavy-duty construction for maximum durability and versatility
    - For use with 8.4V batteries (1500mah - 1800 mAh)
    - Exact 1:1 scale replica of real PEQ-2 laser housing unit

    Color:  BLACK

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    Product Reviews

    By: Kevin Couche

    "ive been looking forever to put my 9.6v mini somewhere other than the hand guard on my jg m4 s-system. FINALLY i found it. and it was here all along. awesome way to store your 9.6v for higher rate of fire without squeezing the battery too tight in the hand guard."

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    reasonable price, works like a charm
    By: Simon Hodge

    "works well w/ your airsoft guns that have rail systems to mount the box onto, nice quality and everything. for the price i think it's definitely worth the upgrade"

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    Buying it just for the looks.
    By: Jason Jimenez

    "Hey guys, this could be bought for looks also. It does look pretty cool on my JG M4- S system. I bought it for the looks. =)"

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    what this Peq box does
    By: Salvatore Orrico

    "what it is a empty box where you can store your batteries in. you can fit 2 - 8.4 Mini 1600 batteries or 2 - 7.4 Lipo Batteries standard size, not the 3 long stick 11.1 or 7.4 lipos but the stand size ones."

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    By: jon murray

    "its good all around its not just for 8.4v like it says it can be used for almost anything i put a 9.6v in it and it works amazing u just need to stick stuff in the box that wont catch on fire cuz it bounces around cuz theres so much room its great if you have a battery that doesnt fit in ur gun or if ur stock broke."

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    By: Eric McConnell

    "Build is solid, but the case itself is massive. It's longer than the rail on my M4, and it just looks bad. It functions well, but it doesn't come with a hex key, and the hex key I used (proper size, I might add) stripped the screw, so now it's stuck off of my rifle forever. But, I might add, if I had gotten the hex screw to come off, this would have made a nice attachment for those who don't care about appearances. If your weapon's battery is placed in the barrel (like in an M4), then you can mount the battery outside of the weapon, and in a pinch, you can swap batteries as easily as a magazine. There is even a slot for the wires to come out, obviously for the function. Pros: Solid build Makes swapping batteries incredibly easy and fast. Cons: Hex screw is crap Box is the size of a tank Again, if you want your gun to look cool, don't bother with this. If you want functionality, this is probably one of the best upgrades you can make."

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    By: Nitewing

    "I was very disappointed in the quality of this Peq box. made of very cheap plastic and one of the knobs broke while taking it out of the packaging... will be returning it. very disappointing for DBoys equipment. that being said it did its job. had a 9.6 in it just fine. although I wouldn't trust the plastic to hold up to the training we do, other than the knobs it seems fairly sturdy... need instructions for sticker placement and a allen wrench with it..... I'll give it 3 because they don't have a 2 1/2..."

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    An Actual Review
    By: SecretSquirrel

    "This is an actual review, not a chat message like everyone seems to be doing on here... Mine came with a broken "knob", made of cheap plastic but is fairly solid otherwise. This is simply a plastic box to store things such as your battery, it has no other functions whatsoever. Pro: -Will probably fit the largest batteries out there. This thing is huge. -Fairly solid -looks ok, comes with all the stickers to add on to make it slightly realistic -Cheap price Con: -Way too big, looks kindof ridiculous when installed. I had it on a matrix aim m4 and it was just too overbearing to keep. -Fake "knobs" break off easy -No sticker instructions, just kindof put them on where you think it looks cool. I ended up returning this and getting a smaller more realistic PEQ box."

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    all answers...
    By: chris

    "this is a plastic peq box. it can only fit mini batterys you might be able to squeeze a big battery but i havnt tried. the rail mount is also plastic and an allen key is needed. this only works with an 8.4v battery!!!"

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