WG Airsoft High-Powered Sport 103 CO2 Non Blowback 1911 Pistol - BLACK

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    Our take:  The full size and lightweight WG Sport 103 Tactical 1911 CO2 Non Blowback Semi-Automatic Airsoft Pistol combines a durable ABS frame with a hard hitting CO2 non-blowback system, for an incredibly low price! This high quality semi-auto airsoft pistol combines excellent performance with great value. The WG Sport 103 Tactical CO2 airsoft pistol features a durable 15 round CO2 magazine, and a flared magazine well for fast and easy reloads. This Hi-Capa style 1911 WG airsoft pistol is by far one of the best looking and hardest hitting CO2 airsoft pistols on the market, offered here at an unbeatable price!

    This realistic 1911 replica looks and feels just like a real 1911 pistol, with a textured beaver tail pistol grip and a comfortable contoured trigger.  This pistol also features a movable slide, and weighs in at about 400g, or about 1 lb (loaded).  The integrated three dot combat sights allow you to quickly and easily line up the pistol with your target,  and comes with a replacement front sight.  The gun frame is made out of a high impact polymer for durability.

    Performance wise, it is almost unbeatable for a SEMI-AUTOMATIC pistol in this price category.  It shoots upwards of  460 FPS!  This is enhanced by the fact that the gun is so efficient, each CO2 cartridge will last up to 100 BBs before having to change it.

    The WG Sport 103 Tactical 1911 airsoft pistol is ideal for the avid airsoft target shooter, who demands nothing less than precision accuracy and hard hitting power.  The WG Sport 103 is not intended for use in normal airsoft games, due to its incredibly high muzzle velocity.  However, the WG Sport 103 is perfect for airsoft players who want to hone their target shooting skills with a high power pistol.  Don't miss out on this incredible deal for one of the most powerful 1911 airsoft pistols on the market!

    Operation:  CO2 Non-Blowback
    Power:  410-490 FPS with 0.20g BBs
    Safety:  Functional
    Magazine:  15rd magazine capacity
    Weight:  approx. 1 pound
    BB Type:  0.20g or heavier seamless 6mm BBs

    Color:  BLACK

    Package includes:  WG Sport 103 Tactical 1911 semi-automatic CO2 pistol, 15rd magazine, instructions

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    Product Reviews

    great gun
    By: SWAG

    "just spend 3 hours blowing through a 1000 bb bag. insane! i love this thing. i got the extra mag with it, perfect. make sure you use more than .20g bbs. its too powerful for .20gs. its my first co2 pistol, just great."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Nice Gun
    By: Jalen

    "Its a very great gun but can someone tell me where i can get an extra mag for it?"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: logan

    "Works great. It has great accuracy and distance, is co2 efficient, and looks/feels very realistic."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: michael

    "HAND CANNONS. this gun is amazingly accurate and super powerful."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Got 2 of em!
    By: Zech

    "Bought 2 of these when they were on sale and oh my god it was an excellent decision!! i clocked them at around 496 so tell your friends they are gonna get wrecked! I would suggest (if you can find them or they come back in stock) buying another mag or two just for convenience purposes, CAUTION: do not shoot rounds really fast with this otherwise the gas leaks and you need a new gas canister after only like 150 shots. Have fun!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Brad

    "This thing is a hand cannon! LOVE IT!!! Wish I would have ordered another one!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Michael Cesmirosky

    "I haven't used this gun in an airsoft war yet, but DAYM this thing has got some pop! It was easly outshooting full metal AEGs at my friends house with gear boxes. Accuracy was impressive. I have never had a CO2 pistol, but i dont plan on getting another one. Pros- FPS (easily over 500 with .20bb) Accuracy Sights (3 dot sight & came with an extra in a box) Price Box came with .20bb 100 count After 6 mags no let down with CO2, so i guess no leaking If you pull the hammer back instead of just shooting, which will also bring the trigger back, it adds at least 50fps+ Mag fits 17 not 15 Cons- Not full metal, which i hoped but didnt read carefully Suggest a speedloader Slide doesnt come back, so loses some sexy real factor Mag takes a while to release so i have to grab it and pull it down Not tested- Durability, How much it penetrates skin, how long it can shoot 1 CO2"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Rips through metal cans like butter
    By: William

    "Almost too good go two of these to go akimbo and a ricochet grazed a can of spray paint and nicked through the side. Best airsoft gun I've ever gotten. Shoot through Pepsi cans like nothing from 15 feet away"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Weekend Warrior

    "this gun is amazing and for $50 its a steal. shoots hard and straight. there is nothing wrong with the gun at all but the clip has a small issue... there is a small metal piece in the clip that actually pushes the bbs in to the barrel and the gun shoots so hard that the metal piece shot out of the gun. other then that its perfect."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Very Good
    By: Lucas

    "Pros: High FPS, Great accuracy (.20g bb's), Conserves CO2 for optimal shooting capacity, Good feel on the grip. Cons: Only one mag. Other: I would advise you switch your sight for the green fiber optic sight for easier targeting. I have been unable to find anyplace that sells extra mags for this weapon. This weapon does hurt, maybe too hot for CQB. Overall great sidearm for temporary backup. -North Woods Rangers"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Elijah

    "this gun came just fine in the box but after about 50 rounds the barrel started wiggling and was loose so we send it in for an exchange for the same one and when it arrived it was sweet! and havn't had any problems since :) diffenitlly recomend it for a co2 pistol for the price... in all great deal for the price of $45 :)"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Pretty Good
    By: Sergio

    "Pretty powerful, 1 CO2 cartridge goes though at least 120 BB's. I use .25 and it still goes extremely fast and still hurts. Trigger guard is really small, I wear gloves and they get caught between the guard and trigger. The hand grips are removable if you want to customize your 1911. I'd recommend this pistol to anyone who wants a heavy hitting CO2 pistol that won't break the bank"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Not so great
    By: WiseGuy

    "This broke after a month. The front site broke, the mag release broke too. Pros- High FPS for outdoor play Doesn't use too much CO2 Feels good, easy to install CO2 Cons- High FPS, bad for indoor play You have to buy more expensive heavy bb's to make it accurate Plastic Body no blowback plastic internals, not meant to last"

    Was this review helpful to you?

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