DBoys Airsoft Tactical Ergonomic RIS Foregrip Vertical Grip - Black

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    Our take: For those looking for a sturdy, full-size ergonomic foregrip for their rifles, the DBoys is a great tactical solution. It is built tough to take a beating, and features zero-wobble design so you have a firm grip on your weapon no matter what the situation.

    - Ergonomic, textured grip surface
    - Fits all RIS rails (20mm standard: SIR, RIS, Surefire, etc.)
    - Installs in seconds
    - Manufactured from extreme impact-resistant polymer
    - Ultra strength lightweight design for field-proven efficiency
    - Water proof and shock resistant
    - Universal fit: works with most-all rifles and guns

    Color:  BLACK

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    Product Reviews

    Comfortable and strong!!!
    By: Joel Williams

    "I got one of these with my DBoys M4 S-System and it's fantastic. It's made from a VERY strong and durable nylon fiber which has a matte finish and feel giving you a good grip on it. It also fits very well and tight on the rail. I think I will get another one for my other M4. For anyone who thinks this might be a cheap piece of junk because it's OEM and a low price, get a grip... this one ;)"

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    By: Jason Jimenez

    "MY mom just ran this over with her car by accident. The only thing that broke, was the bottom swivel piece. It snapped off. Other than that, its still in good shape"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Jacob

    "This is a GREAT foregrip! It feels great and looks great on my m4 s system. It all plastic but who cares! Pros: looks good feels good gets the job done Cons: Nothing "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Teddy1

    "this grip is very solid, it looks like it might be cheep plastic but the fact is i could probably take a hammer to this thing. its cheep and works well. recommended. "

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    plastic or metal
    By: alien

    "it is plastic"

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    Great Grip
    By: Gripster

    "I got this a few days ago and i LOVE IT! It fits on easy and is very sturdy it also looks BA on My JG M4 S-system and helps take some of the weight off it. Pros Good looks Good feel Good on and off Cons: slippery when wet. Overall,,, BUY this if you want a great scope for a good price"

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    Great standard grip
    By: Morris Serenatas

    "Looks cheap (is cheap) but VERY sturdy and has almost NO wobble whatsoever. Great foregrip and perfect for those trying to get that realistic U.S. military look to their M4s or M16A4s."

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    Great offer...
    By: charlie gonzalez

    "this grip is standard and also looks good on my m4 s-system... no i am not trying to copy the outher guy... M4 S-SYSTEM'S ROCK!!! also the grips is a nylon fiber and is made by Dboys..."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Jack

    "It is all plastic and feels really cheap, but gets the job done. I would advise getting a rubberized one instead though."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Good grip
    By: Kirk

    "I like these simple grips better than "ergonomic grips". They just feel better to me. Not made of the most high tech material out there, but it gets the job done. Get this if you're going for something economy friendly and highly functional instead of "sTyLe" and less functionality."

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    Gets it done
    By: isaiah arendash

    "A very good grip for the price. It mounts very sturdy on my bottom rail, but because it is tightened by a screw that comes up from the bottom it did scratch some of the paint off of the rail. Overall very good grip, nothing fancey but it gets the job done. "

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