SHS X-Mod Reinforced Steel Complete Upgrade Gear Set - Version 2 & 3

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    Our take:  These gears are CNC PRECISION machined gears with perfect teeth alignment and zero wobble. The SHS X-Mod Original Torque Complete Replacement Gear Set is a straight cut gear set which reduces the noise generated by grinding and improperly meshing gears.  This complete set includes all of the major replacement metal gears and parts, including the spur, bevel, sector, and pinion gear as well as an anti-reversal latch and steel piston tooth.   This set is perfect for repairing your old, broken, or worn Version 2 or 3 gearbox, replacing the old parts with stainless steel gears ensured to last!

    It is highly recommended when installing this gear set, to also install metal bushings (bushing size depends on gearbox).

    - Drive Ratio: 18:1
    - Material: Steel
    - Production: CNC Machining
    - Suitable Spring: M110-M150

    Package Includes:  1x Bevel Gear, 1x Spur Gear, 1x Sector Gear, 1x Pinion Gear, 1x Anti-Reversal Latch, and 1x Steel Piston Tooth
    - Recommended for Ver. 2 & Ver. 3 Gearboxes only!

    SHS X-Mod Upgrade Part Series:  An Airsoft Megastore Exclusive
    The SHS X-Mod upgrade part series is an all-new line of SHS parts manufactured and distributed EXCLUSIVELY by Airsoft Megastore.  The X-Mod series of parts are NOT to be confused with generic "SHS" parts currently on the marketplace, as the X-Mod parts are NOT BUILT THE SAME.

    SHS is a leading performance part manufacturer, and Airsoft Megastore has engaged SHS directly to manufacture the X-Mod upgrade parts, which are now exclusively available at Airsoft Megastore.

    The difference between SHS X-Mod parts and generic "SHS" parts currently in the marketplace is a noticeable improvement in consistency of quality and an improvement in build material.  X-Mod parts are manufactured out of the latest and most advanced high performance materials with no shortcuts taken.  X-Mod parts have been contracted by Airsoft Megastore to undergo a 12-point manufacturing quality assurance test (at every stage of the manufacturing process) to ensure sustained high quality.

    The results are quite noticeable:  SHS X-Mod parts consistently out-perform the competition, and are on-par with the highest quality upgrade parts available on the market, but at extremely competitive prices that won't break the bank.

    Disclaimer:  Any and all airsoft upgrade parts purchased from Airsoft Megastore will be used/installed at owner's discretion. Actual performance results depend on quality of installation, airsoft AEG barrel length, tightness of the air nozzle seal, and other possible performance-affecting factors.  We are not responsible for any damage that may occur with improper installation.  For best results, please do all upgrades at a certified professional airsoft technician/shop.

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