Tenergy V2 Premium Universal Airsoft Battery Smart Charger

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    Our take:  Tenergy's latest Universal Airsoft Battery Smart Charger is a MUST HAVE for any airsoft player with an AEG.  This charger is extremely easy to use, and fully charges most airsoft batteries in less than an hour!  This universal smart charger is perfect for charging NiMH or NiCD airsoft AEG batteries, and includes both large and small Tamiya connectors for charging various size batteries.  Smart Chargers are highly recommended over standard wall chargers because they charge batteries at a faster constant rate, and they prevent overcharging which is common with cheap wall chargers.  With two current settings, you can easily charge higher mAh (milliamps per hour) batteries in half of the time of a standard wall charger.  Unlike standard wall chargers, which do not stop charging until after they have been unplugged, this smart charger uses a dynamic Intelli-IC chip to constantly monitor and control the charge going into your battery pack.

    The Tenergy universal smart charger has been engineered by the same group of experts behind the Intellect line of ultra high-quality Airsoft batteries, and was built BY enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts.  This charger boasts more stability and charging consistency than the other "basic smart chargers" on the market, at a price that is extremely low and affordable for all.  When the battery pack is full, this smart charger automatically stops the current, thereby resulting in a perfect charge, every time.  The Tenergy Premium Universal Battery Smart Charger is a must-have charger for your AEGs, to protect and preserve battery life.  These Tenergy Universal Smart Chargers are an incredible value, and are available at Airsoft Megastore for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!

    - Charges NiMH and NiCD Airsoft Batteries in less than half of the time it takes a standard wall charger
    - Includes both Large and Small Type Tamiya battery connectors
    - Can be plugged into nearly any standard wall socket
    - Two Charging Current Level settings for efficient charging
    - Compatible with most 6v to 12v airsoft batteries
    - Prevents battery overheating and prolongs overall battery life
    - Automatically shuts off charge if a short circuit or fully charged battery is detected
    - Compact, lightweight and easy to use!

    Compatible Battery Chemistry: NiMH/ NiCD
    Input Voltage: 100-240V AC (Compatible with most standard wall sockets)
    Charging Voltage Range: 6V - 12V
    Rated Charging Current Levels: 1000mA +/- 100mA(1A Shift); 2000mA +/- 200mA(2A Shift)
    Trickle Charging Current: 100mA (1A Shift); 200mA (2A Shift)
    Weight:  236g
    Length:  119mm
    Width:  61mm
    Height:  38mm

    LED Indicators:
    No Battery: Flashing Green
    Charging: Solid Red
    Fully Charged: Solid Green
    Reverse Polarity: Flashing Red
    Non-Rechargeable: Flashing Red

    Package Includes: Tenergy Universal Smart Charger, 1x Large to Small Tamiya Adapter, 1x Alligator Clip Adapter

    NOTE:  ALL NiCD batteries should be fully discharged BEFORE being plugged into the charger.  NiMH batteries should be charged at the 1.0A setting, unless they have a capacity larger than 2000mAh.

    We recommend turning the adjustable charging rate to the slowest (0.9A) mode for the first 5 charges on any new battery.  For a standard 1400mah battery, 0.9A is still relatively fast and can finish a charge in less than an hour and a half. 

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    smart charger
    By: Mike

    "I have played for 3 years now and finally got this. This smart should be the first thing that you get, even before your AEG. Ga,e changing."

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