CYMA Full Metal Heavyweight Compact M1911 Spring Airsoft Pistol

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    Our take:  This full metal M1911A1 spring airsoft pistol is a scaled down 3/4 scale replica, perfect for backyard target shooting or as a reliable backup sidearm.  The slide and frame are made from a rugged zinc alloy, making it much more durable than similar plastic spring pistols.  Its drop free plastic ten round magazine is lightweight and easy to load.  If you are looking for a fun backyard target shooting pistol, or reliable backup sidearm, the new CYMA M1911A1 is the perfect gun for you!

    Operation: Spring (Manual Cocking)
    Firing Mode: Single Shot
    Construction: Full Metal (Zing Alloy) w/ Plastic Grips
    Muzzle Velocity: 160-180 FPS (w/ 0.12g BBs)
    Magazine Capacity: 10rds
    Weight: 1lb
    Length: 6.125" in.
    Scale: 3/4 Scale Replica

    Package Includes:  Pistol, magazine, BBs

    NOTE: This pistol is a 3/4 scale replica, and is NOT built to realistic size specifications.

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    Product Reviews

    It's free
    By: Alex

    "Well it's a cheesy Chinese gun. What do you expect? But $27 is outrageous. Other than that its fun to just mess around with since it doesn't even hurt. I'm not complaining cause it was free."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Allen

    "I got this gun for free. I like the metal but it only holds like 10 bbs and shoots less than 200 fps. I wouldn't pay $27 for this gun though."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    A Pistol
    By: Super Ninja

    "Well, I got this free, so it was a good deal, but otherwise, THAT PRICE IS CRAAAZZZYYY!!! Are you kidding me, that is sooo overpriced... Other than that, good accuracy, okay range... Good, solid backup weapon!"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Good, but it should me COMPLETELY metal.
    By: Airsoft Reviewer

    ""This gun isn't the best, but it isn't completely useless. PROS: 3/4 size means it doesn't weigh that much, it's great for those who participate in airsoft wars. Full metal shell can take a beating. Magazine release is simple. CONS: The interior of the pistol is plastic, which means: it breaks easily. don't expect it to last really long if you repeatedly cock it. Might be a bit TOO small for large hands. Oddly, the one that i got for free from Airsoft Megastore broke easily, the second one i ordered lasted longer, and had a larger BB pack.""

    Was this review helpful to you?
    Not good, but not bad either
    By: Kip

    "Okay first off, the gun has a really nice feel to it, its easy to operate. The gun shoots at a good enough fps for a spring pistol the only problem was the BBs only went so far and they curved downwards. so i suggest that if you buy this gun, use a lighter BB also my other problem is, is that this this gun is overpriced. other than that i wouldnt say that the gun is bad its decent enough but i have seen better"

    Was this review helpful to you?
    spring pistol
    By: erik

    "got this free. like the full metal, but it has a solid feel. the pull back to cock feels cheap, and it sounds cheap. I would never pas 27 bucks for this, but it was great for free."

    Was this review helpful to you?
    By: Blurb

    "This gun is way too small for my hands, has a cheap trigger, which broke during a match, and is just and awful, awful pistol. It shoots awful, it feels awful, this product is a waste of purposeless metal."

    Was this review helpful to you?

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