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Save Phace Tactical Eye Protector TEP Sly Series Goggles - Clear Lens

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    Through the powers that be, Airsoft Megastore has the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES on ALL Save Phace products in the United States.  We have partnered with Save Phace to bring some of the highest quality face and eye protection currently available to our customers at guaranteed lowest prices – you will not find these masks ANYWHERE else for less.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your Save Phace goggles today at Airsoft Megastore and save big!

    From the Manufacturer:
    If you are looking for the World's best Tactical protection, you've come to the right place! Our new Tactical Goggles are GUARANTEED NOT TO FOG, just like our Tactical Mask. Nowhere else in the world can you find a better product, better protection, better customer service and better company! Our #1 mission is to offer you the best protection in the world to protect the MOST valuable asset you have, your eyes!

    Our take:  The NEW Save Phace Tactical Eye Protector Sly Goggles provide ultimate protection to your eyes – an airsoft player’s most important weapon – and are designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable.  These goggles, which have been developed to provide maximum visibility, peripheral vision and ventilation, keep your eyes protected from high velocity BBs during airsoft skirmishes, with safety rated lenses.  Adding to the overall durability, the Sly Series sunglasses are built with military grade anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.  The Save Phace goggles are also designed to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB light, making them ideal for outdoor use in all lighting conditions.  Additionally, these goggles are lined with foam closed cell padding, making them extremely comfortable and preventing dust or debris from irritating your eyes.  Any serious player looking for eye protection will find that Save Phace’s Tactical Eye Protection Goggles are superior in quality for an unbeatable price and are perfect for military, law enforcement and airsoft enthusiasts!

    - Military grade anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
    - Comfortable sure grip adjustable strap
    - Foam padding
    - 100% UAV/UVB protection
    - Sure grip adjustable strap

    Frame Color:  BLACK

    Package includes:  Save Phace Tactical Eye Protector TEP Sly Series

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    Product Reviews

    By: Nathan

    "They come with a "anti-fog coating" which I suspect it's sprayed on sprayed on from the factory, but even straight out of the box you get condensation running down the lenses. Not even on the field! I was just wearing them around the house to check their anti-fog properties! Once the coating wears off, talk about fog! They are ANSI rated and full seal though, so i guess they're okay if you need a set of back up/loaner goggles, or if you're on an extremely tight budget. Otherwise I'd say avoid these and save up for a better set."

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    pretty good
    By: $our$pitter

    "these goggles are super clear! like HD but after a while they start to fog up for no reason its super annoying"

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    I agree with the others...
    By: m6speed0301

    "I thought these goggles were pretty cool when I got them in March. Me and my friends started frequently having wars after that and I deemed these unusable. They fog up within seconds, especially in cold weather. I was having a war in April at about 8:00 pm (It was an unusually cold day) and I had to quit because I couldn't see anything from the fog. Don't waste your money on these because they look cool, they function HORRIBLY"

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    Frustrating Goggles
    By: Laurie

    "The lens are clear, however, they serve no practical use. The vents that are visible on the front of the frame are covered by the foam gasket, therefore, they are only cosmetic. There is no ventilation! The lenses will fog up within minutes and make the goggles useless. DO NOT consider these if you would like to see your sights or the target you are shooting."

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