0.30G GoldenBall Seamless Competition Grade Airsoft BBs - 2500rd BAG

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    From the Manufacturer: Once you experience the power and precision of GoldenBall competition grade BBs, you'll never want to use any other brand of BBs ever again!  Use of GoldenBall over comparable seamless 0.30g BBs yield an average FPS gain of 3-7FPS on a standard metal gearbox AEG!

    Our take:  The highly anticipated, long-hyped GoldenBall BBs have finally landed here at Airsoft Megastore, and we are excited with good reason:  THESE BBs ARE ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS.  Custom-made to order exclusively for Airsoft Megastore, The GoldenBall Elite Competition Grade BBs are the product of cutting-edge Airsoft BB-manufacturing technology from GoldenBall Industries. This is the EXTREME PRECISION based line of BBs offered by GoldenBall.

    No longer do you have to pay $25+ BUCKS PER BAG for Japanese Domestic Market, or "JDM" high density, high consistency competition grade airsoft BBs.  GoldenBall has quickly taken the airsoft ammunition market by storm, and has custom-made these JDM-Spec BBs for Airsoft Megastore.  Normally, BBs of this caliber are manufactured, then exported into Japan and Europe because of their higher Airsoft BB standards, but Airsoft Megastore is lucky enough to have secured a deal with the manufacturer so that these BBs are also available Stateside.

    In our opinion, GoldenBall BBs are the BEST BBs you can purchase, and due to Airsoft Megastore's purchasing-power, we are able to offer the BEST BBs on the market at the LOWEST PRICE on the market.

    The GoldenBall 0.30g ultra seamless competition grade airsoft 6mm BBs sport a 40% improvement (on average) in BB spherical consistency and density in comparison to other 0.30g BBs on the market.  And because Airsoft Megastore imports in large volumes, you, the consumer get to take full advantage: JDM-spec ultra-elite seamless BBs made to the highest standards at a fraction of what they should sell for.

    Once you experience the power of GoldenBall, you'll never want to use any other brand of BBs ever again!  Use of GoldenBall over comparable seamless 0.30g BBs yield an average FPS gain of 3-7 FPS on a standard metal gearbox AEG!  Eliminate barrel jam and increase POWER with these BBs - Made in China.  2,500 rounds come in a sealed bag.

    NOTE: This product's packaging may vary.  Airsoft Megastore guarantees that every bag of GoldenBall BBs we ship are AUTHENTIC GoldenBall BBs.

    BB Color:  WHITE
    BB Weight: 0.30g
    BB Diameter: 5.95mm +/- 0.1mm

    Package includes: 2500rd BAG of 0.30G GoldenBall JDM-Spec Ultra Seamless Competition Grade Airsoft BBs

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    Product Reviews

    By: Black Wolf Sniper

    "These bb's are perfect for sniping! i have a Shadow Ops MK96 and i can hit pop cans from 50 yds 4/5 times on a windy day.These are easy to see and perfect for sighting your weapon and scares the heck out of people when they see them coming. MUST BUY FOR ANY SNIPER"

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    The Perfect BB
    By: Captain Rizzo

    "I use these for my m28 airsoft sniper rifle. I was using .28g but they just weren't giving me the accuracy I needed. I bought .30g and will never use anything else for my sniper rifle. By upgrading to .30g, I got more accuracy and it actually increased my fps. I have never experienced any problems with Goldenball bb's and I am going to buy more when I run out. These are definitely the best bb's for any airsoft sniper."

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    These BB's are amazing!
    By: Cole Sossamon

    "I use these for my Wellfire L96 sniper rifle and before when I used .25 I could not hit anything, now I can pick people off from 125ft away no problem."

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    The perfect ammo for snipers
    By: D-Ray

    "At 75ft, i can shoot a 5 shot grouping with less than an inch spread. with .2g's, im lucky enough to even get them all on paper when sighting in. These bbs are perfect for long range "

    Was this review helpful to you?
    I GOT UM
    By: tuesday hanavan

    "good bbs for my LM4 they shot accurately. however they were flawed, I'd say 1 in 5 bbs was flawed as in it was dirty.....but I only drooped one star simply because it didn't seem to decrease performance in my gun"

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