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Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle

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  • Model: SCAR
  • Muzzle Velocity: 380 FPS
  • Build Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 7.5lbs
  • Overall Length: 28.75" in. / 30.5" in.
  • Battery Type: 8.4V Mini
  • Gearbox: Version 2 (Metal)
  • Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
  • Color: Black


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Our take:  The NEW SCAR-L MK16 AEG by Classic Army is officially licensed by FN Herstal and is an incredible deal, considering VFC and G&G SCARs can cost upwards of $350 to $450!  Complete with an FN Herstal emblem on the upper receiver, this rifle serves as the perfect platform for left and right handed shooters thanks to its ambidextrous fire selector switch, magazine release button and reciprocal charging handle!

The SCAR MK16, which FN Herstal designed for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), is a modular assault rifle that Classic Army has adapted into a Sportline SCAR-L AEG.  This airsoft gun is designed with CQB capabilities and comes equipped with a full metal Version 2 gearbox, allowing it to easily shoot between 370 and 380 feet per second (with 0.20g BBs) and making it an ideal AEG for outdoor fields.  This SCAR-L is equipped with a precision inner barrel and full metal outer barrel that is covered by a one-piece polymer upper receiver.  With the real steel SCAR-L having a polymer lower receiver and metal upper, Classic Army decided to equip this Sportline SCAR-L with a full polymer body to make it more lightweight and CQB friendly.  The metal hop-up can easily be adjusted, ensuring that your rounds reach your targets.  This AEG is wired to the rear and accepts mini type batteries in the stock.

With over 36 inches of rail space, this assault rifle is compatible with a slew of aftermarket accessories, including tactical foregrips, flashlights and laser units.  A wide variety of sights and scopes can also be attached onto the monolithic top rail that runs 16 inches long.  You also can use the flip-up front and rear iron sights adjustable for windage and elevation.  For close quarters combat, the rear stock can easily be folded and locked to the side, allowing you to corner tight spaces and take out targets at close range.  The foldable stock can be retracted into three positions and comes with an adjustable cheek rest, improving the overall ergonomics of this rifle.  

This perfectly assembled SCAR-L by Classic Army is truly amazing with its integrated ambidextrous features, high performance specs and modular capabilities.  It is incredibly lightweight for an assault rifle and can be easily be upgraded with a tight bore barrel for precision shooting and increased FPS.  Airsoft players looking for a versatile assault rifle will find this FN Herstal licensed SCAR-L MK16 rifle as the perfect AEG!

- Full metal Version 2 gearbox
- FN Herstal emblem
- Full metal outer barrel
- Precision machined inner barrel
- Shoots 370-380 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
- 16-inch monolithic top rail, with side and bottom rails
- Flip-up front and rear iron sights adjustable for windage and elevation
- Foldable / retractable stock
- Ambidextrous fire selector switches and mag release
- Adjustable hop-up, with perpendicular hop-up adjustment wheel
- Full metal side and lower rails
- Reciprocal charging handle
- Adjustable cheek rest
- Rubber buttplate
- Realistic field stripping
- Ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts

NOTE:  Minor disassembly required for battery installation (please refer to manual for proper installation procedures).

Operation:  Electric Automatic
Build:  Full metal 2 gearbox, hop-up unit ./ polymer receiver, stock, grip
Firing Modes:  Semi-automatic and full-automatic, with functional safety
Muzzle Velocity:  370-380 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
Magazine:  300rd high capacity (gear wind up)
Gearbox:  Full metal Version 2
Battery Type:  8.4V Mini
Hop-Up:  Adjustable Version 2 One Piece
Weight:  7.5 pounds
Overall Length:  28.75" in. / 30.5" in. (Retracted / Extended)

Package includes:  Rifle, high capacity magazine, cleaning rod, instruction manual

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Product Reviews

5 Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle *****

"i have been 3 airsoft wars with this got multiple kills. fps- more like 335-350 but accuarcy is ridiculous on this gun. great gun for the price."

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5 Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle *****
Fantastic gun

"I've had this gun for about 2 months now and I must say it has surpassed my expectations. It is extremely comfortable and ergonomic. Great ROF and good fps. Around 360 which is great for outdoor and most indoor places. The hop up is easy to adjust, even in the middle of a game. The range is very nice on the gun. With .25's the range is great to about 130 feet then you see them start to fall and drift. This gun is very accurate. Also being classic army, it is compatible with a lot of upgrades and parts. So there shouldn't be any problem finding upgrades or replacement parts for the rifle if you plan on upgrading. The rifle is very high quality and does not feel cheap, despite the polymer construction. I have only problem with this gun, the stock. When it is folded wires are exposed, which to me feels kind of cheap. The battery compartment is very very cramped. The wires get in the way of it fully closing, which forces me to raise the cheek rise to fit the wires. It is a pain to install, but you kind of get the idea after a while. Perhaps the biggest design flaw is where the stock connects to the gun. Where the back of the gun and the stock connect is plastic, meaning it won't stand up to strenuous folding and unfolding of the stock. Really the only thing locking the stock in place is a 1 and 1/2 inch piece of plastic. If you take care of it and don't slam it around you'll be fine, but don't be like me and fall on it... Because that piece will break off. That was my fault though. Pros: Great feel, very comfortable. Great ROF and fps, around 360 or so. Easy hop up adjustment. Good weight Highly upgradable Good range Extremely accurate Cons The problems with the stock I mentioned. Other than that, none whatsoever. Overall great gun. Good for field and cqb. Great gun for the price"

Was this review helpful to you?
4 Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle *****
Decent gun. I've had better though.

"Decent gun over all. after tuning up the hop up, i was hitting accurately on a torso sized target at up to 200 feet. the muzzle velocity leaves a bit to be desired, but its an easy fix. the polymer is actually pretty durable. mine has taken three full body weight falls onto concrete with no cracks or major scarring. stock got a little wobbly after the last fall, but it's most likely just a loose allen screw. I'm personally not a big fan of the irons, so i put a 2-6 x 30 ballistic scope from an sks on mine. very versatile, and adaptable to just about any kind of environment. threw a 9.6v nunchuck in mine, and im rolling a solid 900rpm out of it. I doubt it could handle a lipo though. if you have any questions about the gun, feel free to email me at thatparanormalswag@gmail.com, or ask the lovely customer support here. unlike other sites- cough cough airsplat cough cough - The guys at ams actually care about what you have to say, and they'll help you in any way they can."

Was this review helpful to you?
4 Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle *****

"Great gun love it but the whole upper is plastic and the stock is held to the upper by three screws and mine cracked. So I'm goin to try and find a metal upper"

Was this review helpful to you?
3 Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle *****

"Good gun, at 100ft it shoots in a grooping about the size of a paper plate. High rate of fire. Trigger broke after only 2.5 hours of game play. Pros: weight in the back great distance small grouping Cons trigger broke"

Was this review helpful to you?
3 Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle *****

"even though it came with no battery and broken parts i just threw my ak battery in it and it tears people up i dont know if its lipo ready and i dont need to find out i guess but i defintly say its a great beginner gun its been dropped so many times and it hasnt broken in my hands"

Was this review helpful to you?
2 Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle *****
decent internals horrible externals

"Stock broke after one day of gameplay. Understand I didn't drop or fall on it. It seriously can't handle folding the stock which you have to do to get the battery in and out. The "charging handle" spring broke also. Airsoft megastore would do nothing about my stock breaking, saying it was operator error. But seeing the other reviews it a common occurrence."

Was this review helpful to you?

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Everything worked great, shipping was super fast. I am very pleased and won't hesitate to order through airsoft megastore again. rob_riley, USA
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