Intellect VOLT 9.9v 1400 mAh LiFe Tri-Wafer Type AEG Airsoft Battery

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    Our take:  The NEW Intellect Volt LiFe (Lithium Iron) series of airsoft batteries is the best choice for your LiPO ready AEG, providing lightning fast trigger response!  Lithium Iron batteries are fast becoming recognized in the airsoft community for their reliability and performance, preferred by some airsoft players over standard LiPO batteries.  The new Lithium Iron batteries have an increased overall battery life compared to similar LiPO (lithium polymer) batteries, and charge much more quickly too!  Intellect’s LiFe batteries are also non-toxic and are less likely to overheat during charging, making them safer than standard LiPO batteries.  LiFe (Lithium Iron) batteries are the perfect middle ground between NiMH batteries and LiPO batteries, placing less strain on your gearbox than an 11.1v LiPO battery.

    The Intellect Volt LiFe AEG Batteries have been designed specifically for Airsoft Megastore and undergo a thorough quality control inspection, ensuring that each battery works flawlessly.  If you are looking for a battery that is reliable and will improve the performance of your AEG, the NEW Intellect Volt LiFe Batteries are the perfect choice for you!

    Lithium Iron Battery Disclaimer:  Airsoft Megastore is not responsible for LiFe battery usage in airsoft guns that are not ready to handle these high-powered, advanced battery packs. The buyer must make sure that his or her airsoft gun is FULLY ready to handle Lithium Iron batteries as a power source before plugging in the battery to his or her airsoft gun.

    Must-Know Key Facts:
    - LiFe batteries CANNOT be charged with any standard battery chargers - they MUST be charged with “Smart” Balance chargers with a specific LiFe (Lithium Iron) setting.  Overcharging LiFe batteries can be dangerous if left unattended and under circumstances may lead to overheating or a fire, which is why a LiPO/ LiFe battery charging bag should always be used when charging.
    - It is in your best interest to keep LiFe batteries fully charged, both when in usage and in storage. To fully charge the battery, you must use a “Smart” Balance charger with a LiFe setting that stops the charge immediately after it senses the LiFe battery is fully charged.  Standard Airsoft smart chargers should NEVER be used to charge a LiFe battery!
    - NEVER discharge a LiFe battery (there is no need)
    - Internal damage to your airsoft gun can and will occur if your airsoft gun does NOT have a full metal gearbox and is not specifically designed to handle higher voltage batteries.

    CLICK HERE to view compatible LiFe Battery Chargers!

    Manufacturer:  Intellect
    Battery Type:  Tri-Wafer Type (Wafers can be stacked to make the battery more compact)
    Length:  3.9” in.
    Width:  1.25” in.
    Capacity: 1400mAh
    Voltage:  9.9V
    Discharge Rate: 20C
    Plug Type:  Mini Tamiya Female Connector
    Chemistry: Li-Fe (Lithium Iron)
    Recommended Fit:  This battery can fit in most rear wired AEGs with full stocks, and can fit into most M4 AEG handguards.

    Best if stored in temperatures between 35-70 degrees. Keep away from direct sun light or heat.

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