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Material: Polymer
Weight: 2.3lbs
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    Our take:  Perhaps one of the best pieces of face and eye protection you can currently buy, the Save Phace Boo tactical full face mask is an ultra high-performance ANSI Z87.1-rated mask that is crafted from a high-impact polymer with a military-grade clear lens.  One of the most prevalent tactical advantages of this Save Phace mask is its low-profile design, which allows you to gain a better access to your standard iron sights (if shooting a rifle) without having your mask obstruct your vision/ability to aim properly.

    One of the most unbelievable attributes of this Save Phace mask is its sheer ability to PROTECT YOU FROM DAMAGE.  It has been tested to successfully withstand consistent close-range hits from an Airsoft rifle shooting a steel BB at 500 FPS, an absolutely unbelievable feat for such a lightweight and versatile face mask.  Protection wise, it's really the best of the best.

    The high-quality clear lens that come with the mask are coated with a military grade UV ANTI-FOG & ANTI-SCRATCH solution, allowing the lens to maintain clarity and remain reliable even through the toughest Airsoft combat situations.

    Another differentiating point about this Save Phace mask is the amazing detail of the mask graphics.  It's as much a stylistic statement as it is an aggressive graphic; with the Save Phace, who says that you can't have the baddest-looking mask on the field AND be the most well protected?

    The Save Phace series of masks has been developed by action-sports enthusiasts exclusively FOR Airsoft players.  They've really taken into account the whole picture, which includes (in no particular order) protective qualities, aesthetics, comfort, durability, and reliability, and created a top notch high-performance Airsoft mask that in our opinion is hard to beat, even by more expensive masks currently on the market.

    Through the powers that may be, Airsoft Megastore has the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES on ALL Save Phace masks in the United States.  We have partnered with Save Phace to bring some of the highest-quality face and eye protection currently available to our customers at guaranteed lowest prices -- you will not find these masks ANYWHERE else for less.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your Save Phace mask today at Airsoft Megastore and save big!

    - ANSI Z87.1-rated for maximum protection; can handle/fully protect from a steel BB traveling at 500 FPS
    - Save Phace "So Phat" series
    - High quality polymer construction
    - Military grade lens coated with patented anti-fogging material that prevents fogging from 10-132 degrees F
    - Sizing:  Comfortable adjustment bands make this mask universally fit virtually all face sizes!

    Package includes:  Save Phace mask, clear lens, amber lens, visor, vent plugs, mask bag, cleaning cloth

    Note:  Eye protection is a must for any Airsofter. Always play responsibly and keep distance. Not for AIRGUN protection and extremely high velocity Airsoft guns.


    1.It's ALL about Fogging! Or should we say not fogging! We've traveledaround the world (3 times) to find the world's BEST Anti-Fog coatings,only to find it here in the U.S.A!  Our lenses are coated with apatented Military Grade Anti-Fog coating that prevents fogging down to10 degrees and up to 132 degrees! This Anti Fog coating will last manymoons if cleaned properly! Oh yeah, the outside of our lenses have aHARD Anti Scratch Coating that prevents the lenses from scratchingeasily! So instead of buying 3-5 lenses per year, all you need is one ortwo different colors thus saving you money!

    2. Our Lenses are design to give you absolutely the BEST peripheral vision than any Mask on the Market! Guaranteed!

    3.The quality of our lens design and coatings are the future of ALLTactical Mask! We've spared no expense in making our Lens design to giveyou the BEST peripheral vision with no eye strain and we use theworld's best Anti Fog, Anti Scratch and UV Coatings to give you the bestquality eye protection known to man! NO MORE BLIND MAN!!! 4. QuickChange Lens System! It takes about 10 seconds to pop our lens out and 10seconds to pop a new one in! That's right, we said it! We have one ofthe fastest, quickest and easiest lens system in the market!!!!

    5.Easily Replaceable Foam! That's right! No more throwing away your maskafter the foam falls apart! With our mask (Marks Allott and So PhatSeries) you simply buy replacement foam for $12.95, put it in and youare done! Again, saving you money! And it takes about 3-5 seconds tochange the foam!

    6. Easily Replaceable Strap! If you've evertried to replace your strap, (which is probably one of those straps thatwear out after 2-3 months) with our Mask you simply snap the strap clipout and snap a new strap in, takes about 3-5 seconds!

    7. PLUSHFOAM! We use high quality multi-layered non hypoallergenic wider foamthat hugs your face like no other! We don't use cheap foam.

    8.Our Tactical Mask has graphics on them that are well, You won't find ANYMask that has ANYTHING CLOSE to ours! 9. You can PAINT or add graphicsto our mask! That's right! Thousands of you out there want to add yourteam's logo or colors to a mask. With our Mask, you can air brush it,put stickers on it and even use magic markers to make your mask, YOURmask! (Marks Allott Series Only)

    10. Quality, Quality, Quality,at an affordable price! We've spent the last 2 years researching anddesigning a mask that is what all Tactical Players are wanting. Allyou'll ever have to replace with our mask is the foam $12.95, strap$9.95 and lenses $17.99-$29.99. So instead of spending $59.95 for adecent mask 3-5 times per year, you'll spend only, maybe $35, saving youwell over $120 per year!

    11. Low Profile! I know, it's hard toimagine that our mask is a low profile mask, but from what we learnedover the past 2 years, we designed our mask to give you a very lowprofile!!!

    12. No MORE PAIN from the Jell Cap or Airsoft BB'scoming through the holes and hitting your face, lips, teeth or nosebecause of our Vent Plugs! 199 out of the 200 Tactical Players fromaround the U.S.A that tested our prototypes RAVED about the protectionour mask gives them (the 1 guy likes pain! Go figure) But many of youHATE that! Duh!

    13. Comfort! Our mask is designed to fit 96% ofthe world's population and since we use plush foam, the 199 TacticalPlayers that tested our mask, rated it THE most comfortable mask on themarket!

    14. Our lenses meet or exceed ANSI and ASTM Paintball Standards for impact resistance, Luminance and optical clarity.

    15. Our Camo models are SICK!

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