Boneyard : Surprise Mixed Gun Box

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Boneyard : Surprise Mixed Gun Box

Functionality: Unknown:  Products have not been tested.

Here's How It Works : Each box contains an assortment of spring guns/parts and/or low-end battery powered guns/parts.  Though the exact content of the boxes is not disclosed, it is guaranteed that each box will contain multiple products.

Before purchasing, please keep several elements in mind.  Specific item requests cannot be made, to keep it fair for everyone, all items purchased are done at random.

Most importantly, ALL boneyard rules and regulations apply.  These products have NOT been tested, and since they are boneyarded items, they are likely to maintain complications such as non-functionality, missing parts/pieces, cosmetic and internal damage, damage to the gun boxes and/or accessories included.  All products are being sold AS-IS, and carry no warranty.

Airsoft Megastore's Boneyard rifles/pistols are products that are:
- Semi-functional, non-functional, or incomplete items
- Returned/defective items
- Damaged items (some externally, some internally)

The advantages of purchasing boneyard airsoft guns are numerous, and include:
- Getting airsoft guns that may be easy fixer-uppers at a FRACTION of the cost of a new one
- Getting airsoft guns and using them for DISPLAY only (a lot of the airsoft guns in our boneyard are in great cosmetic shape, but just don't fire) -- they'd look good on a display stand or as a collector's piece
- Getting airsoft guns and using them for their vital parts, many of which are functional (there may be a busted motor but the gearbox is still working just fine, or vice versa)
- Spare parts

*** Please note:  All boneyard items are sold AS-IS, no exchanges/returns/refunds on any of these items, as they are all sold at extremely low prices way below dealer COST.  That being said, although there is no guarantee of any kind on these boneyard items, often times there are real gems in our boneyard items (lots of top-notch AEGs/Gas Guns with minor issues being sold for pennies on the dollar, with quick fixes to the problems!)

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