Classic Army Full Metal M249 Para SAW Airsoft Machine Gun AEG

RETAIL PRICE : $426.99
Muzzle Velocity: 430 FPS
Build Material: Metal Receiver, Barrel
Weight: 16 lbs
Overall Length: 31" in. / 36.2" in.
Battery Type: 8.4V Mini
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Color: Black
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    Our take:  One of the most notorious machine guns that has endured every U.S. conflict since Operation Desert Storm has made its way into Classic Army’s armory.  Praised for its extreme durability and firepower, the M249 CA007M is just as comparable on the airsoft field.  This AEG is a full-size replica built using full-metal furniture to ensure ruggedness.  On the inside, Classic Army equipped this M249 AEG with a reinforced 8mm bearing gearbox.  It also has a reinforced spring guide, reinforced piston head and O-ring installed in the air nozzle.  From the flash hider to the stock, this AEG’s full-metal body can easily withstand the high-action stress of any airsoft skirmish.  Deploy the bipod onto hard cover for stable shooting, adjust the collapsible stock for custom comfort, and dominate the opposition.  The M249 Para belongs in a category of its own that can’t be ignored.

    - Full-sized M249 replica
    - Full-metal gearbox w/ 8mm bearings
    - Reinforced spring guide, piston head, tappet plate
    - Air nozzle with O-ring
    - Retractable metal stock
    - Metal outer barrel and flash hider
    - Adjustable heavy-duty bipod
    - Top optic rail with carry handle

    Operation:  Electric Automatic
    Build:  Metal Gearbox, Outer Barrel, Receiver, Stock, Bipod / Polymer Handguard, Grip
    Firing Modes:  Full-automatic (only) w/ functional safety
    Muzzle Velocity:  400-425 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
    Magazine:  300rd High Capacity (gear wind-up)
    Gearbox:  Full Metal SAW Type Gearbox (Compatible with most Version 2 internal parts)
    Battery Type:  8.4V Mini Battery (not included)
    Hop-Up:  Adjustable
    Weight:  16 pounds
    Overall Length:  31" in. / 36.2" in.

    Ammo type:  Seamless 0.20g or heavier (0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g,0.28g, etc.) BBs.  For maximum performance and accuracy, Airsoft Megastore recommends GoldenBall ProSlick BBs that carry perfect spherical consistency and density, available at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed.

    Package includes:  M249 Para AEG, hi-cap magazine

    Battery Charger Recommendation:  Although this fully automatic airsoft rifle comes with a standard wall charger to charge the battery, Airsoft Megastore recommends the use of a smart charger to avoid overcharging the battery (overcharged batteries may cause decreased airsoft gun performance and may shorten battery life significantly). Smart chargers not only shorten charge time significantly (up to 800% faster charging) but also automatically shut off once the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharged batteries.

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