Airsoft Basics

What is Airsoft?
Airsoft Megastore's Definitive Guide to Everything Airsoft
What do I need to start playing?
The Necessity of Using Good BBs - A Must Read Guide
Proper Battery Charge Time for AEGs - STANDARD WALL CHARGER
Proper Battery Care - Puncturing the Plastic Wrap
The cost of playing airsoft & the benefits of shopping at
Protect Your Airsoft Gun & Its Warranty
Airsoft Safety Guide

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

BBs Not Firing/Jamming
AEG not firing
Video: How To Diagnose Mis-Feeds, Dry-Firing & BB Jams
Why does my airsoft gun have a different FPS on the box than advertised?
Video: How do I load a high capacity (hi-cap) mag?
Video: Loading A Mid-Cap Magazine
Video: How do I load a M5/MP5 hi-cap mag?
Video: AGM M4A1 Battery Installation Guide
Why are there typos on my manual? Did I receive the wrong gun or wrong manual?
What is Parallax and how to adjust it (on Parallax-adjustable scopes)?
Video: G22/L96 Sniper Rifle Set-Up
Video: Galaxy M5/G5 Battery Install/Initial Set-Up
Video: JG M4 S-System Battery Install/Initial Set-Up
Video: DBoys M4 CQB-SD/CQB-R Crane Stock Battery Install
Video: Tightening a Loose Selector Switch on the JG/DE AK47
Video: Proper Propane Adapter Usage
Video: How to Properly Load a CO2 Cartridge Into Your CO2 Airsoft Gun
Video: How to Properly Use Your Propane Adapter - Airsoft Green Gas Alternative
Video: Installing Your M4A1 Carbine Battery - Hand Guard Mini-Type Battery
Video: Adjusting Your AK47 / AK74 / AKM / AKS Hop-Up
Video: Adjusting Your M4 / M16 Hop-Up
Video: Adjusting Your G36 / R36 Hop-Up
Video: Installing Your M4/M16 Crane Stock Nunchuck Battery
Video: Installing Your AK47 / AK74 / AKS Battery
Video: Installing Your G36 / R36 Battery
Video: Airsoft Metal Gearbox AK47 "No Power Issue" Fuse Swap
Video: Unlocking Your Gear Box
Video: How to increase your Rate of Fire
Video: How to Ruin Your Gearbox with Bad BBs
Video: Bad BB's vs. GoldenBall BB's
Video: 1 2 3 Point Gun Sling Demos
Video: Green Gas Propane Adapter Use
Video: CO2 Cartridge Magazine Loading
Video: Gas Magazine Leaky O-Ring Magazine Issue
Video: Simple D-Boys M88 M4 Mid-Cap Magazine Fix
Video: JG AK47-TCW - Battery Install
Video: Installing the NcStar Precision Harris BiPod
Video: GnG-Xtreme45 CO2 Cartridge Insertion
Video: How to choose an Optic - Red Dot Sight or Magnifier
Video: Hop Up Adjustment CYMA CM032C M14 Real Wood
Video: How To Use & Trouble Shoot Smart Charger
Video: Classic Army M4 Magpul PTS MOE Carbine Sportline Battery Installation
Video: CYMA CM032C M14 Real Wood Hop Up Adjustment
Video: Motor Height Adjustment - G36/M4/AK47
Video: How To Load a Speed Loader – KWA 460 Round Speedloader
Video: How To Load a Speed Loader – 90 Round Speedloader
Video: How To - SR22 MB04 MB05 Sniper Rifle Remove Velocity Limiter
Video: How To - SR22 MB04 MB05 Sniper Rifle Assembly
Video: How To Replace AK47 AK74 Fuse - Full Stock
Video: How to Adjust Motor Height CYMA M14 SoCom
Video: How To Diagnose and Replace a Blown Fuse M16 Full Stock

Playing Airsoft & MilSim Strategies

Realism and the Sport of Airsoft
Airsoft & the Honor System
Tips for A Better Airsoft Experience
Beginner Airsoft Tips - Tactics and Advice
Airsoft Game Types - 30+ Airsoft Game Types / MilSim Scenarios
A-to-Z Guide to Common Airsoft Terms and Abbreviations
Airsoft Gun Guide - Which Airsoft Gun is Right For Me?
Tactical Strategy - Being A Sniper
Being a Better Airsoft Player - Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Holiday Season/Airsoft Gift Help

Holiday Shopping For the Airsoft Player in Your Life
Airsoft Holiday Gift Guide


Video: King Arms Airsoft Licensed Blaser R93 LRS1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
Video: CYMA M14 EBR VPower Airsoft AEG Rifle - TWO-TONE
Video: G&G GR4 G26 Electric Blow Back Light/Laser AEG
Video: AY VSS Vintorez Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle
Video: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD 1 Carbine AEG

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Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
I love the pro gunbuilder by golden eagle!
The gunbuilder was very useful and made it easy for me to buy my first mid/high spec gun for just about $300. It gave me comfort in that i can get more parts to switch out at a later time if i wish to change anything about my rifle and that there will be compatible parts for any modifications i choose to do on it. The gun came in full working order and the hopup was even adjusted to be perfect right out of the box. I could easily hit targets over 150ft away constantly. Johnmstopka, USA
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