AGM is an overseas, Chinese, based manufacturer with a wide catalogue of airsoft guns and parts including full metal high performing AEGs, airsoft bolt action spring sniper rifles, spring airsoft shotguns, and spring rifles! AGM is known for coming out with some of the most unique airsoft guns including WW2 AEGs, such as the German MP40, the MP44, and the British MKII Sten SMG! AGM also makes a wide variety of full metal M4/ M16 style AEGs from the Vietnam era M16A1, to the highly modernized design of the M4A1 SOCOM RIS carbine AEG. The bolt action sniper rifles by AGM pack a surprising amount of power for an extraordinarily low price! Airsoft Megastore brings you AGM’s full line of airsoft guns for the guaranteed LOWEST price on the market!

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