Sapien Arms

Sapien Arms is a well-known airsoft manufacturer specializing in propane adapters for gas powered airsoft guns, as well as precision machined inner barrels for airsoft AEGs. Sapien Arms’ propane adapters have helped airsoft players save money on gas to power their airsoft guns by allowing players to fill their magazines with inexpensive propane, rather than hard to find and expensive green gas. Sapien Arms has manufactured a wide variety of adapters that add silicone oil as well as propane when you refill your airsoft gas gun’s magazines, replicating the composition of green gas. Sapien Arms high polish precision machined inner barrels are some of the best tight-bore barrels available on the market, for an unbeatable price! Each inner barrel by Sapien Arms is nickel coated, which adds a level of durability as well as decreased friction, making these inner barrels more accurate and reliable. Purchase your Sapien Arms products from Airsoft megastore, at the guaranteed LOWEST price on the market!

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