SHS is a premier airsoft AEG internal parts and upgrades manufacturer located in Hong Kong. Their CNC machined low noise gears are some of the best upgrade gear available on the market. SHS offers a wide variety of airsoft internal upgrades including steel teeth pistons, CNC machined air nozzles, high tensile strength AEG springs, gears, and high quality low-friction bushings. SHS has steadily been gaining praise from the airsoft community for their precision machining, and consistently reliable internal upgrades. SHS is a leading performance part manufacturer, and Airsoft Megastore has engaged SHS directly to manufacture the X-Mod upgrade parts, which are now exclusively available at Airsoft Megastore. The difference between SHS X-Mod parts and generic "SHS" parts currently in the marketplace is a noticeable improvement in consistency of quality and an improvement in build material. Airsoft Megastore is proud the exclusive distributor of the SHS X-Mod internal upgrade components.

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