Snow Wolf

Snow Wolf is an overseas based manufacturer, specializing in bolt action airsoft sniper rifles, including the behemoth M82 airsoft sniper rifle (weighing over 19lbs.) and the SWS X28 sniper rifle. Both airsoft sniper rifles are among the best performing airsoft sniper rifles available on the market. Shooting consistently more accurately and at a higher FPS (feet per second) than most other airsoft sniper rifles on the market, these sniper rifles were designed with premium performance in mind. With a passion for excellent Airsoft products, an intimate know-how to exactly HOW to craft the very best Airsoft money can buy, and an incredible eye for spotting specialty products never before seen on the market, Snow Wolf has established a presence quickly among other bolt action airsoft sniper rifle manufacturers. Airsoft Megastore carries these amazing Snow Wolf bolt action airsoft sniper rifles for the lowest price on the market!

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