GoldenBall has created the perfect balance between performance, quality, and value, seen with their ProSlick, MaxSlick, and BioTac lines of ultra-popular 6mm Airsoft BBs. Unlike generic sporting goods store BB’s, GoldenBall BB’s are seamless and polished and work flawlessly in high performance airsoft guns.GoldenBall BB’s (ProSlick, MaxSlick, BioTac) undergo a rigorous QC [quality control] process before they exit the factory, and specialized domestic personnel meticulously inspect the finished products to ensure they meet the highest standards in terms of polish, density, finish, and performance before they are released for distribution. In our opinion, GoldenBall BBs are the BEST airsoft bbs you can purchase, and due to Airsoft Megastore's purchasing-power, we are able to offer the BEST airsoft BBs on the market at the LOWEST PRICE on the market.

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