P-Force is an overseas based manufacturer of high grade airsoft BB’s and airsoft safe silicone oil. P-Force makes some of the fastest biodegrading and non-toxic airsoft BB’s on the market, which can easily break down in a matter of months. This is perfect for players who play airsoft or shoot targets in their backyard, or on fields that require the use of biodegradable BB’s. P-Force also makes some of the best silicone oil lubricant for airsoft guns, in a conveniently small can perfect for storing in your gun bag or in your gear. Most airsoft techs recommend cleaning the inner barrel of your airsoft gun with silicone oil after every day of play. Using P-Force silicone oil reduces the risk of barrel jams or other malfunctions. Airsoft Megastore carries a large variety of different weight P-Force BB’s and their amazing silicone oil for the LOWEST price on the market, guaranteed!

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