Heckler & Koch is a famous German firearms manufacturing company, renowned for their innovative and industry leading firearms designs. H&K has partnered with the German airsoft company, Umarex, to produce H&K trademarked airsoft guns meeting their own rigorous standards. Whether it is a G36, an MP5, or a USP you can be sure of its premium quality construction if you see the licensed H&K logo. H&K airsoft guns are scale replicas of real Heckler & Koch firearms, and many feature some of the same unique features and action of the real firearms. There are a wide variety of H&K airsoft guns available, from spring airsoft pistols and rifles, to beginner dual power AEGs, and even Elite full metal body and gearbox AEGs for experienced airsoft players. Airsoft Megastore is proud to carry one of the largest selections of H&K airsoft guns, for the LOWEST price on the market!

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