SRC is a premium airsoft manufacturer based in Taiwan, specializing in manufacturing high quality airsoft AEGs, gas blowback pistols, and accessories for prices well below that of other high end airsoft manufacturers. SRC, or Star Rainbow Company, is committed to bringing airsoft players the best performing airsoft guns for the most reasonable prices. The CompSpec series by SRC provides players with high quality internals combined with lightweight plastic bodies for much less than other airsoft manufacturers’ plastic body AEGs! SRC also offers a wide selection of full metal body Gen. II series AEGs with high quality gearboxes that rival most other top tier airsoft AEGs. All of SRC’s AEGs are put through a strenuous quality control process to guarantee that all of their products meet strict performance standards. SRC is also known for their precision machined internal upgrade parts, which are perfect for upgrading existing and compatible stock AEGs. Airsoft Megastore offers a large selection of SRC AEGs, Gas Blowback pistols, and airsoft upgrade parts all for the LOWEST price on the market!

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