Wrong Gear

Wrong Gear tactical face masks/ wraps are highly coveted by airsoft players for their high quality construction, superior breathability, and their ease of use. Wrong Gear tactical face wraps keep your face covered and protected from the elements and even stray BB’s, all while providing you with unimpeded breathability and giving you the same tactical look as a shemagh. Wrapping and re-wrapping a shemagh during or between airsoft games can be tedious and time consuming. Wrong Gear tactical face wraps are easy to put on, using durable Velcro to secure around your head. Many airsoft players are switching over to Wrong Gear face wraps, finding them easier and more tactical to use than a standard shemagh. Airsoft Megastore is proud to carry a wide variety of Wrong Gear face wraps in an assortment of tactical colors, all for the lowest price on the market.

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