Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs)

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  • AGM MKII Sten Full Metal WWII Tactical AEG Rifle

    This is the all-new, full metal AGM Sten MKII AEG rifle, and it is one of the BEST Sten replicas we've ever seen. This full size, 1:1 scale repl...

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Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Airsoft AEGs

Electric automatic Airsoft guns, also known as Airsoft AEGs, come in a variety of gun styles and models, including rifles, machine guns, sub-machine guns (SMGs), and sniper rifles. Airsoft electric automatic guns and rifles are often the primary Airsoft gun of choice for most Airsoft players, ranging from beginners to more advanced players. Shop online and buy the latest airsoft guns at Airsoft Megastore.  All of Airsoft Megastore's products are backed by our 110% LOWEST price guarantee and we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $149!

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