SCAR MK16/ MK17 Airsoft Guns

20 Products

20 Products

SCAR-L & SCAR-H Airsoft Rifles

The SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) was purpose-built by FN Herstal for U.S. SOCOM, featuring a modular upper receiver, folding and retractable stock, and a long monolithic optics rail. Originally designed to replace the M4, the SCAR Mk 16 only made its way into a few select units within the U.S. Armed Forces.  However, the SCAR Mk 17 is still in use by many military units, and will likely replace the adapted M14 variants still in service. The SCAR assault rifle's design makes it well suited for a variety of scenarios, thanks to its rail-equipped handguard, modular receivers and optics rail.

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