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5 stars
cameron - FL, United States
Always quick shipping with great products at the best price
5 stars
Love this store. I never shop around - I just come to the best!!!
4 stars
chris E.
3rd gun I have bought from mega, so far so good.
5 stars
James W. - CA, United States
Great shopping experience. Product was shipped promptly with everything I ordered. Very reasonable prices. Would recommend Airsoft Megastore to my friends.
5 stars
Greg H. - NC, United States
Good Website

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Guaranteed Lowest Price:
We're so confident we have the lowest pricing, we'll match any advertised price from a U.S. retailer with the same item in-stock, and then BEAT IT by an additional 25% of the DIFFERENCE! As the #1 Fastest-Growing Airsoft Retailer In the nation, Airsoft Megastore offers a no-hassle shopping experience. Shop with us worry-free, knowing you got the very best deal! Click HERE for full Price-Match Guarantee terms and conditions.

Excellent Customer Service:
Why Airsoft Megastore? Because of great, friendly service! We treat all customers fairly and have a contact number that is accessible Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm PST. Want to speak to us? Call us today at 1-818-495-6502! Our call center is operated in-house, NOT outsourced, to guarantee the highest quality of service available. Support issues can be easily directed to: via email, to ensure the fastest service.

Fast. Free Shipping on orders $99+
As online shopping becomes more and more convenient, Airsoft Megastore firmly believes in providing a friendly, professional retail-store experience, ONLINE! We offer free shipping on orders $99+ and $9.99 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders under $99 (offer valid only for orders shipped within the Contiguous United States, a.k.a. the lower 48 states). No coupon codes or any other hassles are necessary to redeem this offer. Free shipping automatically becomes an option at checkout, if your order qualifies. Click HERE to read our full shipping policy and see estimated shipping times.

Strategic Location, Real-Time Inventory:
Airsoft Megastore is headquartered in the city of Irwindale, in sunny Southern California. We operate out of a fully-stocked 50,000 sq. ft. distribution center (where all items listed online are stocked and ready to be shipped) and adjacent office complex, which is located less than half a mile from a central UPS package distribution/processing hub for Southern California. Our proximity to this vital UPS distribution center ensures the quickest delivery possible on most-all packages, as all outgoing shipments from our warehouse are picked up multiple times daily by UPS and delivered directly to the UPS processing down the street (literally) for lag-free transit. Our warehouse location was picked specifically to be close to UPS, as no other Airsoft retailer in the nation is closer to UPS than we are.

Top-Level Order Security and Privacy:
Our advanced and simple one-page checkout ordering system is secured through industry-leading 128-Bit SSL Encrypted Secure Checkout. All sensitive data and information are safely transmitted through this secure system to ensure top-level order security features (both active and passive), Our website, checkout, and business is also security-verified by TrustGuard, one of the most recognized and established online 3rd-party security verification companies in business today.

Real, Unedited Customer Testimonials:

Purchase History: Nick M., Undisclosed Location, US; first-time customer
The yellow sheet that comes with and order is very helpful. No wonder my guns kept braking i didn't follow the bb rule, the rule where when your done shooting shoot a couple single shots, and many other rules. The battery formula also helped me a ton because i would always over charge my battery and thanks to the magic yellow sheet, I don't. I recently received My JG R36C and have not had one problem with it because of the yellow sheet and the quality of the gun. Also, your prices are AMAZING! When my previous gun broke my dad said I could get a new one but everything encluding shipping had to 150 dollars or less. Thanks to your prices i got a kick ass gun, 8,000 Golden Ball Pro Slick High Presision BB's, and FREE SHIPPING! Anything I will ever get for Airsoft will be off Airsoft Mega Store and will tell all of my friends. - Nick

Purchase History: Shawn Chandler-Pa, Kilauea, HI; repeat-customer
I would just like to say that I love this site and everything in it. I won't order from anyone ever again! Thank you for existing Airsoft Megastore! Your continued customer, Shawn Chandler-Pa

Purchase History: Cheryl K, Oak Ridge, TN; first-time customer
Thank you so much! Your response makes me glad that we choose to shop with you and we will definitely refer our friends!

Purchase History: Brice C, Des Moines, IA, TN; repeat-customer
I recently ordered some products from your company, and I am very pleased with the results. You guys are very professional and have quality products. My future air soft needs will be met by your company and I’m sure my air soft buddies will take an interest in you! Out of all the sources on the web, your probably the best to order from. From Iowa, keep up the good work!

Purchase History: Thomas, San Diego, CA; repeat-customer
Dear Airsoft Mega Store, I just wanted to thank you for your business, and the amazing job you do...I was really surprised by your material, for so far with all other online airsoft companies, I have been very disappointed with the outcomes, but I was blown away by your work. Thanks for doing what you do, and doing such a good job at it!! IT'S MUCH APPRECIATED!! Thanks Again, Thomas You are definitely my number 1 airsoft supplier now!

Purchase History: Nancy W., undisclosed location, US; first-time customer
I just want to write to tell you how happy i am with your customer service. The gentleman that I dealt with on the phone is Sam. He was extremely nice, friendly and really went out of his way to help me.... You are lucky to have him in your customer service department. I was having a problem with a reloadable credit card company and he worked with me to quickly straighten out the problem and then processed my order amazingly fast! I received the order the next day and my grandson for whom I ordered the item was thrilled to get the order so quickly. I just want you to know that for our airsoft purchases, you have a customer for life!!! Thank you

Purchase History: Bryton S., Kent WA; first-time customer
Thank you so much for this information, this site has a very helpful staff, and i assure you that you have my future orders. P.S. You guys are much better than Airsoft GI - Bryton

Purchase History: John G., Fallbrook, CA; first-time customer
Hello there my name is John G***** and I just received my new, all-metal M192 6mm and it is fantastic, The feel and look are so real to the real ones. Shooting it is a real blast and the extra goodies and case, awesome dude, dudes! I will write up a great review of this product by sometime tonight-you guys and gals are so lucky to be working that store. I would most likely spend my whole paycheck there and I would die very happy so something like that. Thank You so very much and have a great weekend.

Purchase History: Jonathan K., Houston, TX; first-time customer
I just want to tell you guys how good a job you are doing. I have never had such a great experience with an online store before. The customer service is great, real people to talk to who can actually speak english! A great looking site and excellent order processing and shipping speed. Keep up the good work!

Purchase History: Jared H., Stephenville, TX; returning customer
Thank you so much for all your help and for explaining the situation to me. This is why I am a returning customer because every transaction I have with this company goes so well and now I know that if I have any questions they will be answered promptly and thoroughly. Thanks again and have a happy holiday season!!!

Purchase History: Brendan L., California, US; first-time customer
I think you guys are amazing because of my review i have had 6 people buy (that i know of) the AGM L96 and 1 person bought (that i know of) buy the JG custom 614 "terminator" I'm not getting a new gun for a long time if ever cuz I don't have the money and I just got the perfect gun but anyway, your website is the best and easiest to use.

Purchase History: Felix Figueroa, San Bernadino, CA; first-time customer
Thank you for the support, it worked, the gun now fires. I believe this is amazing that you were able to assist me over the internet. I hope that you help and tend to all of your customers issues in the same manner. I really believed that I was going to have to send the item back to you. This was actually a pleasant situation. Thank you again and if you ever need any kind of survey completed, please keep me in mind, thank you very much for the rapid response and professionalism. Felix Figueroa.

Purchase History: John M., Undisclosed Location, US; first-time customer
Thank you for selling amazing high quality airsoft material. I ordered a KALASH/D-Boys AK-74 400 Fps airsoft rifle from you guys and I was impressed. I haven't had a single problem yet. It was my first electric airsoft gun. I'm thinking about ordering one of your 500 Fps spring sniper rifles because I am impressed. Thanks once again. From John. P.S. Fell free to E mail me back any time.

Purchase History: Kenneth Ardmer, Orlando, FL; first-time customer
Awesome service. Can't stress that enough these days. Sent me UPS tracking immediately after order shipped -- I'll be back for more (at these prices, who wouldn't!)

Purchase History: Daniel S., Victorville, CA; first-time customer
Thank you so much for offering such good products even better prices for them... Airsoft Megastore is the ONLY airsoft site I'll buy from now! I appreciate all the great customer service and I look forward to receiving the order! -- Daniel S.

Purchase History: Jon Leets, Elizabethton, NJ; returning customer
after 6 orders and more than 12 months of ordering from these guys, i am still wowed by their prices because usually you get one or the other: low price or great service, not both. well i guess thats where airsoft megastore comes in and changes things up a bit. twice i've had to add on stuff after i ordered and they were great with accomodating for that airsoft megastore you certainly have a customer for life just a great store and great people overall

Purchase History:Julie D., Kansas City, KS; first-time customer
After my son has been bugging for 3 months abotu getting some airsoft guns, we finally took the plunge and got him a set of the signature gift package for his birthday. The package of airsoft guns arrived quickly through ups, and we tracked it online from the moment it left california to the moment it arrived on our doorstep here. quality was great, and the prices are simply out of this world! you can waltz into any local Walmart and get some cheapies for $30-$40 but here i'm getting 7 or 8 guns for the price of 2. we'll be back come Christmas time!!

Purchase History: Lorenzo Armad, San Jose, CA; first-time customer
great lookin store and great products. i shopped aroudn for a week and ended up coming back to airsoft mega-store to make my purchase. simply the lowest prices around (plus that wicked low price garantee)

Purchase History: Anonymous, Atlanta, GA; returning customer
Due to my line of work I can't really disclose much, other than that these airsoft guns make GREAT, REALISTIC training weapons. We make all purchases from AirsoftMegaStore, and could not be happier with their level of professionalism, friendliness, and promptness, whether it's getting an order shipped or answering a question about a product. I know it's sometimes hard to deal with a cranky old guy like me but the service team is superb, really on top of their stuff. Highly recommended

Purchase History: Thomas Wong, San Francisco, CA; first-time customer
Orders ship fast, prices are the best, service is efficient. What more is there to say?

Purchase History: Lillian Hamer, Tulsa, OK; first-time customer
Great website layout, easy to find all the products I had wanted to buy for my boyfriend's birthday. When it came to checkout, it was the best I've experience d yet all info was on the same page and it made it really easy to order everything. Love the free shipping too, delivery was prompt, just in time for the birthday.

Purchase History: M.T., Las Vegas, NV; first-time customer
With gas prices so high these days, I'm getting more and more comfortable with ordering online. My order with these guys went off without a hitch. Ordered on Monday. Package was delivered Thursday afternoon (since I'm in Nevada, pretty close to Califorina). Real nice selection overall and I'm really impressed with the prices.

Purchase History: Allen Elgin, VIRGINIA; first-time customer
They responded quickly when I had some issues/questions with one of the products I received. I'll be sure to tell all my friends of the great service at Airsoft Megastore, and overall am very pleased with my order and their service.

Purchase History: Latoya Jenkins, Miami, FL; first-time customer
fast friendly service deserves a "good job!" from all us customers, seriously these guys are the best in the biz when it comes to airsoft guns

Purchase History: Sean Hong, Los Angeles, CA; returning customer
i'll be back next month to pick up some more JG airsoft guns, the prices and variety are just greaat!!!

Purchase History: Shannon T. J., Dallas, TX; first-time customer
this is probably the most honest, most friendly airsoft online retail establishment i've EVER had the pleazure of dealing with. their staff is very knowlegable about the items they carry, and always want to help you out

Purchase History: S Orlando, FL; first-time customer
im really pleased with the service and how fast it all got here

Purchase History: Robert Qintas; Phoeniz, AZ; first-time customer
so far so good. great products at unbelievabley low prices pretty much sums up airsoft megastore, oh and not to mention great follow-up (with tracking number and even Ups trakcing status after i made the order). my son's pleased with the guns, and i'm pleased with how much i saved buying from you guys as opposed to buying from other stores

Purchase History: Ken Long, Boston, MA; first-time customer
okay everyone claims to be the "best" but honestly airsoft megastore is the real deal. they get all their stuff from the manufacture comapnies that actually MAKE the products so like everything is direct. my friend paid $240 for a automatic rifle (m16) from a local shop, and i got the SAME gun, shipped to my house for $175 out the door. wow what a deal right. anyway to keep this thing short (since they recommend only writing like a brief few sentences haha) i love airsoft megastore and everyone who shops there already KNOWS about the amazing prices and service. sometimes when people ask me about who the best shop is, i almost wanna keep airsoft megastore all to myself cause they are THAT good i dont want anyone else to even know where i get all my stuff from for so cheap hahaha

Purchase History: Clarissa Munoz, Albany, NY; returning customer
my son has been purchasing from airsoft megastore dating back to the days that they first started selling airsoft. 8 purchases later, we're stiill a loyal customer because of their deals and service. i wish all online retailers were as easy to deal with as these lovely folks, but unfortunately that cannot be said of a LOT of other online airsoft stores. be wise with who you buy airsoft from, and get it from airsoft megastore ( i guess theres a reason why they are the fastest growing company for airsoft)

Purchase History: Jack Eleni, Oregon; first-time customer
"wow, did i really just get that deal???" i ALWAYS ask myself that when i order from Air-Soft megastore. sometimes, its almost too good to be true. then the package comes to my door step and i am shocked to find it is even better than what the description saaid. definitely a good company with good products

Purchase History: Linda Adams, Charleston, SC; first-time customer
I was in desperate need of airsoft guns for my nephew's birthday, and the ONLY place that he would have me order from was this Airsoft Megastore. So I placed an order with rush shipping, and it got here in 3 days. At first we had a few issue with one of the accessories, but that was easily cleared up with one simple email to the friendly customer service staff. I honestly think I'm too old to be surfing the 'net, but Airsoft Megastore's website was pretty straightforward and didn't have all the flashy, distracting stuff like you find on other websites. Just simple product shopping with great deals throughout all their items. I guess if my nephew is good we'll be back next year for another b-day gift!

Purchase History: M. Atkins, Undisclosed Location; returning customer
Thank you very much, we were worried it would not arrive before Christmas. Package arrived in excellent condition, top quality products. You guys are the best.

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Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
I love the pro gunbuilder by golden eagle!
The gunbuilder was very useful and made it easy for me to buy my first mid/high spec gun for just about $300. It gave me comfort in that i can get more parts to switch out at a later time if i wish to change anything about my rifle and that there will be compatible parts for any modifications i choose to do on it. The gun came in full working order and the hopup was even adjusted to be perfect right out of the box. I could easily hit targets over 150ft away constantly. Johnmstopka, USA
Best Site for Airsofting Gear and Guns
Every time I purchase from Airsoft Megastore I am very satisfied with my order. It arrives on time and the deals are excellent. AMS is probably my go to place for airsofting equipment, especially when I'm itching to add another gun to my collection! macawilliams12, USA
Mega store has been great I've been usen them for 3 years now never no problems. Great products and service fbfzh2005, USA
On point
Shipment was fast and complete technician I spoke to was very helpful. Helped me with problems I was having with my other guns. Very knowledgable with your products. sjstarheel, USA
I love Airsoft Megastore. My stuff is always on time and is always 5 star. This is the most honest and reliable place to buy airsoft guns of the internet! sgodwin2345, USA

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