A. Register by downloading our DEALER APPLICATION BELOW. Make sure to provide accurate company information to avoid delays in processing and approving your account.

B. EMAIL (preferred) or FAX the completed application to us. EMAIL: wholesale@airsoftmegastore.com FAX: 626-404-2597

C. ONCE ACCEPTED, we will send you our Preferred Price List. You will then be able to review products online with their corresponding Wholesale Price at your fingertips.

D. Ordering can be done by EMAIL (wholesale@airsoftmegastore.com), FAX (626-404-2597) or by ordering VIA PHONE (626) 213-2654 as well. We also have a true Airsoft expert on staff to help with any questions about anything Airsoft so do not hesitate to use us as a resource.

*Please note that at this time, you cannot actually complete your WHOLESALE transaction on the AirsoftMegastore.com website as it does not have your specific Wholesale prices*

To place an order, follow the steps below: 

A. Put the items and quantity of each item you desire to purchase in the shopping cart on AirsoftMegastore.com as you normally would when making an online purchase.

B. The prices you see on the website and shopping cart are the RETAIL prices of the item. This is NOT your price. Your prices are those specifically listed on your Dealer Price List that you were emailed previously.

C. Once you have completely put into your shopping cart the items that you would like to purchase along with quantities, please print your order and then either SCAN & EMAIL to wholesale@airsoftmegastore.com -OR- FAX to 626-404-2597.  Please feel free just to email us what you want without using the website shopping cart, or call us at 626-213-2654 and we will happily take your order over the phone.

D. Once we receive your order via EMAIL or FAX or CALL, we will convert it into an order and email you an Invoice/Price Quote for you to confirm.  This allows you to make any last minute changes or additions. YOU MUST EMAIL US BACK WITH A CONFIRMATION PRIOR TO THE ORDER BEING PROCESSED AND SHIPPED. [If you want to skip this confirmation step, please so indicate when EMAILING or FAXING your order to us and it will be processed and shipped without the confirmation step.]

E. When we get the confirmation back from you, you are authorizing us to process the order on your behalf using the payment method on file for your account.

F. Your order will then be shipped.

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