Dead AM Zombie Special Loadout

Just a regular commute to the office after the recent zombie outbreak... Gear up and get ready for when and if zombies do strike. Whether it really does happen or not, you can rest assure that with Elite Force guns and NcStar Vism optics, you are going to be ready for an onslaught of hostiles coming your way on the field.

About Elite Force

Elite airsoft rifles are AEG, CO2, and gas rifles exquisitely manufactured with quality craftsmanship. Designed for the serious airsoft player who engages in tactical milsim missions and demands top performance from their equipment. These extreme airsoft rifles will let you engage your enemy on your terms and come out ahead in any skirmish you may find yourself in.
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About VISM

VISM combines high quality and innovation to give you the new VISM standard in optics and soft goods. While offering the best price in the industry on quality goods, VISM has all your shooting needs covered. Our diverse line is trusted by expert shooters throughout the world. We are proud to stand apart in the industry and present products with “Unparalleled Performance”.
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Elite Force VFC 4CRS Rifle
Was $530.00
Save $170.05
UMAREX H&K MP7 Gas Blowback SMG
Was $350.00
Save $90.05
VISM 7-Intensity Adjustable Red Dot Scope
Was $105.00
Save $15.05
Elite Force M1911 CO2 Blowback Pistol
Was $200.00
Save $101.05

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