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Airsoft Terms/Abbreviations

6mm: The diameter/size of a standard airsoft bb.

AEG: Automatic electric gun. AEGs are typically used as the primary rifle for any airsoft player, as they utilize an electric rechargeable battery as a power-source to operate the gun.

AK/AKM: Automatic Kalashnikov/Automatic Kalashnikov Metal. One of the most popular, influential rifles of the 20th century, the airsoft AK-series rifles (AK47, AK74, etc) are popular among airsoft players for their power, accuracy, and realism.

BB: The ammunition of choice for most-all airsoft guns. Typically, all airsoft bbs measure 6mm in diameter and vary in weight (0.12 grams to 0.40+ grams) depending on which airsoft gun(s) they are being used in.

Bearings: Either 6mm or 7mm in size, bearings are parts inside the gearbox that allow each gear to grasp the axle within the gearbox.

Blowback: The action of the slide of a pistol (or bolt of a rifle) when it kicks backwards as a shot is being fired, then returns to original position. On airsoft guns, the blowback feature replicates the recoil/slide action of their real counterparts.

Bolt/cocking lever: The part on the airsoft gun that allows for the gun to be loaded/charged with a BB.

Chronograph/Chrono: A machine/electronic device that accurately measures the velocity at which a BB travels; generally used for testing power.

Clip: The part of the gun that holds the bbs/ammunition; A.K.A. mag, or magazine.

CQB: Acronym for Close Quarters Battle. A type of airsoft game (typically indoors or in a small area) where players must engage their targets at close ranges.

Dust cover: The ejection port of a real rifle, the term dust cover is used to refer to the ejection port on airsoft rifles, some of which open to reveal the hop-up unit/mechanism/adjustment.

Firing Mode Selector Switch: The switch on the airsoft gun that toggles between the modes of fire (generally SAFE, SEMI, and FULL automatic)

FPS: An acronym that stands for Feet Per Second: a measure of the velocity at which an airsoft gun shoots a BB.

High Capacity/Hi-Cap Mag: Magazines, or clips, that hold in excess of 150 BBs, where the BBs are loaded into a large storage chamber, and wound up typically through a gear mechanism found at the bottom of the magazine up into the feed nozzle.

Hop-up: The system in most airsoft guns that creates a back-spin on the BB as it exits the gun, to increase accuracy and range.

RIS: An acronym that stands for Rail Interface System. A RIS is a rail system that is installed on airsoft guns to give them the capability of attaching upgrades and add-ons to the airsoft gun by simply attaching them onto the "rail" -- an essential add-on that allows for laser, flashlight, scope, and grenade launcher upgrades.

ROF: An acronym that stands for Rate of Fire: a measurement of how many BBs an airsoft gun can fire in a given time. Usually ROF is measured in either Rounds Per Minute (RPM) or Rounds Per Second (RPS), which state how many BBs a gun can either fire in a minute (RPM) or in a single second (RPS).

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Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
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