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Airsoft Gun Types

1. Spring-powered Airsoft guns
Spring-powered airsoft guns are single-shot devices that use potential energy stored in a spring to compress air to launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel of the gun. The user must cock a spring gun prior to each shot. This is typically achieved by pulling back the slide (pistols), bolt (rifles), or the grip on a shotgun, which in turn compresses the spring and makes the gun ready to fire. Because of this, these guns are by definition incapable of automatic or semi-automatic fire. Because the majority of airsoft guns used to play actual games of airsoft are electric automatics and/or gas automatics, spring airsoft gun usage in airsoft games/MilSim scenarios usually entail the use of ultra high-powered, high precision spring bolt action snipers or pump action shotguns. Premium airsoft spring guns of a high caliber are available at Airsoft Megastore for the lowest prices on the market (backed by our 125% lowest price guarantee), and can be found in either the HIGH POWERED BOLT ACTION SNIPERS category or HIGH POWERED SHOTGUNS category.

Spring powered airsoft guns have traditionally been sold on the markets for $20 (pistols) to $200 (rifles). However, with the advent of Airsoft Megastore's factory-direct sourcing, they can now be attained for much less due Airsoft Megastore's cutting out the middleman. As a result, realistic, powerful and durable yet affordable spring guns are much more reasonably priced at Airsoft Megastore -- the SIGNATURE packagesof various spring airsoft models are a perfect example of sourcing prowess, as Airsoft Megastore is able to deliver packages of multiple airsoft guns for the price you'd pay for only ONE elsewhere.

2. Electric Airsoft Guns, also known as AEGs (automatic electric guns)

a. AEG (rifle/submachine gun models)
Electric-powered airsoft guns use a rechargeable battery to drive an electric motor, which in-turn cycles an internal piston/spring assembly in order to launch pellets. Automatic and semi-automatic operation is possible which gives these guns the popular name "automatic electric guns" or AEGs. These guns often attain muzzle velocities between 200 and 500 ft/s (60 to 150 m/s) and rates of fire of between 400 and 1500 rounds per minute. They are the most commonly used and widely available type of airsoft gun.

Airsoft electric guns are powered primarily by NiCad (in lower-end models) or NiMH (mostly in metal gearbox models). The most common battery is an 8.4v battery (comes standard in most of the high-powered electric airsoft guns offered at Airsoft Megastore.) Features such as full metal bodies and full metal reinforced gearboxes/internals were features that until 1 or 2 years ago were available exclusively on more expensive $250-$400+ airsoft electric guns from companies such as Tokyo Marui and ICS. Since 2005, brands such as JG, DBoys, CYMA, AGM, and DE have burst onto the scene boasting models of extremely high quality and high performance without the high price tags (these manufacturers harnessed advanced manufacturing technology along with sourcing parts and labor themselves in order to bring down the cost of getting into the sport of airsoft). Most-all AEGs produced from these manufacturers are designed for uncompromised power, performance (350-450 FPS of power), and realism, boasting even more power and better performance than outdated models from Tokyo Marui or ICS(only 280-330 FPS of power) costing more than twice as much.

b. Starter/Mid-Leveled airsoft electric guns
Starter AEGs have mechanical/electrical design and operation that is similar to their high-performance counterparts, but they are great values in airsoft, that deliver fun and give a sense of what the game of airsoft is all about. Many are great target practice weapons and backyard plinkers, and some are even capable of light combat in a serious airsoft game.

C. Airsoft AEPs [Automatic Electric Pistols]
Airsoft Automatic Electric Pistols, or AEPs, are electric automatic airsoft guns with gearboxes and motors designed to replicate electric rifle function/power while housing the entire assembly in the confines of a pistol's body. They are revolutionary in that incorporate an electric powered system that is capable of fully-automatic operation in a compact package. In cold weather, AEPs are often considered better sidearms than gas powered pistols, because batteries are not as badly affected by frigid weather. Gases like CO2 and green gas are stored in liquid form and require heat in order to vaporize.

3. Gas Airsoft Guns

a. Gas Blowback Guns
By far the most popular gas guns on the market, and also the most popular choice for a sidearm, gas blowback airsoft pistols are highly realistic, high precision airsoft guns. A gas blowback pistol is a semi-automatic airsoft gun that utilizes green gas (most commonly used) or CO2 as a propellant/power source. The compressed air is used to expel the BB from the chamber without the need of cocking the slide every single time, as in a spring airsoft gun. The term blowback refers to the slide, which kicks back after each shot is fired, just like the action on a real pistol. This "blowback" effect creates a realistic jolt, or recoil, by replicating the slide movements of a real handgun as it is fired. Gas semi-automatic blowback pistols can be fired as fast as the user can pull the trigger. With the advent of the latest engineering, there are several models of airsoft gas/CO2 blowback pistols available at Airsoft Megastore that are capable of not only firing in semi-automatic, but also full-automatic, allowing the user the option to hold down the trigger in full-auto firing mode and empy an entire clip in a matter of 1-2 seconds! Gas blowback guns are highly realistic and are used frequently in military/law-enforcement training for their high degree of realism and low cost.

b. Gas non-blowback guns
Gas non-blowbacks include the likes of pistols with fixed slides and revolvers - gas guns that do not feature a slide that kicks back but still fire in semi-automatic mode with no cocking of the slide necessary. They are a very cost-conscious alternative to blowbacks, but lack the realism of gas blowback guns.

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Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
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