How to Diagnose Mis-Feeds, Dry-Firing, and BB Jams

A frequent issue that all players encounter when utilizing and occasionally servicing their airsoft weapons include mis feeds, dry-firing and BB jams. In the majority of cases these are minor problems that can be fixed with a few simple actions so you can get back in the field and right into the action!

Diagnosis/checking the Magazine

Misfeeds occur when more than one BB comes out of the barrel, accuracy is negatively impacted for unknown reasons or the weapon is not firing when it has a loaded mag inserted into the well.

First, take out the magazine and inspect it to ensure that BBs are set correctly in the magazine and are resting against the catch. If it’s a hi-cap, ensure that the magazine is fully wound. If it is a mid-cap or real-cap, inspect the magazine to ensure that there is no debris or dirt obstructing the mag’s ability to feed into your weapon. Mid- and real-capacity magazines can develop tired springs from being left loaded when not in use and sometimes need new springs when particularly old.

Second, check for any debris in the gun’s hop up or that there are no BBs jammed in there. If there’s a BB stuck in the housing or there’s visible debris, clear it with a jamming rod so that there are no obstructions going on in the magazine well.

Third, load your magazine into the gun and push it in a bit to ensure it’s properly seated. Be certain it’s properly seated before you slap it because you can bend the hop up shell by accident and make feeding unreliable or impossible!

Finally, try to fire the weapon with a fully loaded magazine. If it does not fire, or fire correctly, you may have an issue! Thankfully, mid-caps are not super expensive, like this DBoys MidCap.

The Inner Barrel

If problems persist, the next most likely issue will be obstructions in your inner barrel. If BBs are becoming jammed or stuck, odds are you have some debris which is preventing the BB from leaving the barrel. Dirty inner barrels can also promote inaccurate ballistics and prevent your gun from benefitting from the hop up! This occurs most commonly in tightbore/precision barrels with diameters nearest to 6mm.

First, eject the magazine and try to ensure the gun is clear by firing it in a safe area. If a BB is stuck, this may not solve the problem! If so, take a cleaning rod and try pushing it out! If that doesn’t solve your problem, proceed to the next step.

Second, use the cleaning side of your unjamming rod to fit in a strip of paper towel and spray it with some lubricant. Run it forward and back to catch and remove any debris which could affect the performance of your BBs! If problems persist it may be a defect in your hop up, though those cases are not common.

If your inner barrel goes bad, the next logical step is to upgrade your barrel. There is a wide range of options, but a Madbull Tightbore Barrel is a good place to start.

Dry Firing

Dry firing is when your weapon fires and nothing comes out of the barrel. If this is occurring with a weapon with a magazine seated into it the issue may be your magazine.

First, remove the magazine and ensure that the magazine is loaded. If it’s a mid-cap that loaded but won’t feed, you may want to consider taking it apart to clean the spring and spring housing as dirt and debris can prevent the magazine from feeding. If it’s a hi-cap, make certain that it’s all the way wound Second, if it still won’t feed there may be a full jam in your gun. Get the unjamming rod that comes with your AEG and press it down the barrel to clear the jam out and try firing to clear the round!

Avoiding misfeeds and jams

Make certain that you’re using quality BBs. The sorts of .12s that you’ll find at Wallmart, Big 5 and other big box/sports retailers are of notoriously bad quality, have inconsistent shapes and can even break in your chamber causing jams and misfeeds. Use good BBs, like Golden Ball, to ensure that bad ammo will never negatively affect your play! Also, be certain to clear and clean your gun at the end of every day of play. Even on a mild day you’re always going to get some dirt and debris into your inner barrel. Over time it will gunk up and develop more significant deposits, starting out as something that affects your accuracy and could eventually promote misfeeds and jams. Avoid trouble: clean and lubricate your gun!

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Great customer service, really worked with me.
The rifle I purchased came unable to work, I was able to send the item back and they sent me a band new one with no cost me. Also, their tech service was great as well!! Jasoncampbell, USA
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