We at Airsoft Megastore understand the importance of getting a second opinion (or third, or fourth) when it comes to making your airsoft purchasing decisions. We encourage our customers to share their product experience with the airsoft community and help fellow airsofters make informed purchasing decisions.

We welcome all product reviews, positive or negative, and we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines when writing your review.

Review Submission Guidelines:

  • Be detailed, and include the "why." Just saying "this product is good" or "this product is bad is not informative, please explain why and what you liked or disliked about the product.
  • Please don't review a product if you don't own the exact same product.
  • The best product reviews all include user experience. We recommend you use the product at least once in an airsoft game before leaving a review.
  • Keep it clean. Reviews containing obscene or abusive language, admission of illegal activities, or any other distasteful content will be removed.
  • No questions please. The review section is not a place to ask questions about the product. If you do have any questions regarding a particular product, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Airsoft Megastore reserves the right to remove reviews that contains any of the following:

  • Offensive or abusive language
  • Admission of and/or encouragement of illegal activities
  • Distasteful or objectionable content
  • References to other stores/retailers
  • Hyperlinks/URLs to other websites
  • Personal information
  • Questions about a product
  • Replies to existing customer reviews
Airsoft Megastore reserves the right to change our review policies at any time without notice.

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