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Lonex Titan A3 Short Type AEG Motor - High Speed 40,000 RPM

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  • Enameled wire core withstands temperatures up to 392° F (200° C)
  • Front aluminum cage and rear nylon panel improves durability
  • Ball bearings increase rotational efficiency
  • Concave silicone steel sheets balance motor
  • Improved electromagnetic properties
  • Decreased battery consumption
  • Highly durable steel axle
  • Steel pinion gear


Lonex Titan A3 Short Type AEG Motor - High Speed 40,000 RPM

For high speed AEGs you need a motor that can take the operational stress without malfunctioning and damaging your gearbox. An enameled wire core is bound by heat resistant glue and can withstand operational temperatures up to 392° F (200° C). This allows you to run your high speed gearbox at full power for extended periods of time without without worrying about the integrity of the motor. Ball bearings have been attached to both ends of the motor to increase rotational efficiency at 40,000 RPMs and improve battery life, allowing you to play for longer periods of time without swapping batteries. Durable steel and nylon covers protect the motor core and also contain the heat so it doesn't affect the motor grip. The concave design helps to balance the motor during operation for better stability.

Recommened Springs: M120, M130, M140, M150

Other Compatible Springs: M110, M170

Incompatible Springs: M90, M100

NOTE: Airsoft Megastore recommends that all internal upgrades and/or repairs be handled by a qualified airsoft technician. Airsoft Megastore is NOT responsible for improperly installed replacement or upgrade airsoft parts. DO NOT disassemble your airsoft gun within Airsoft Megastore’s warranty period, as this will VOID your warranty.

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California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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