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Black Bear Airsoft RAMPAGE Steel Mesh Full Face Mask 1000D - WOODLAND

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Black Bear Airsoft RAMPAGE Steel Mesh Full Face Mask 1000D - WOODLAND

RAMPAGE Tactical Full-Face Mask

The NEW Black Bear Airsoft Rampage Steel Mesh Face Mask features industrial strength, carbon powder coated, steel mesh wiring full face protection. This high tensile strength steel mesh is guaranteed to stop BB's, while providing maximum air flow and breath-ability. The Rampage Steel Mesh Face Mask is remarkably comfortable, with a plush padded interior design that fits most airsoft players' facial profiles. The Rampage Face Mask provides ample space for wearing eye protection underneath the mask, keeping your most vital area completely protected. The Rampage Steel Mesh Face Mask is fully adjustable and features two elastic adjustment bands, keeping the mask securely on your face during gameplay. A comfortable and form fitting head strap keeps the mask securely in place, and features a large hook & loop area for customizing your mask with unique patches. This is one of the most comfortable and breathable full face masks available for airsoft, and offers great protection and it is incredibly breathable!


The Rampage Steel Mesh Face Masks will stop BB's at point blank range, and it is also rated for protection from BB's traveling at 400+ FPS! The Rampage Face Masks offer full face protection, covering vital areas such as your eyes, nose, and mouth. The high strength steel mesh wiring does not interfere you're your field of view or clarity, and it will never fog! Though the Rampage Face Mask will stop BB's from penetrating, it will not stop sand, dirt, BB shards, or other debris. Wearing full seal eye protection underneath the mask is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


This full face mask features plush foam lining around the edges of the mask, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The surface of the padding is a nylon weave, supplying even greater breath-ability. The stitching is very durable and snug fitting, granting you excellent maneuverability and peripheral vision. The mesh wiring does not restrict air flow, as some other airsoft and paintball masks do, which prevents you from overheating and provides you with normal airflow. The contours of the mesh mask are designed to fit comfortably while wearing full seal eye protection underneath the face mask. The Rampage Full Face Mask's mesh can be further adjusted by hand to fit the unique features of your face. The Rampage Steel Mesh Face Mask provides ultimate full face protection, without sacrificing comfort or breath-ability!

Overall,these masks are great for protecting your vital facial areas from damage that can occur from taking a direct hit from an airsoft BB. These masks do not impede on comfort, visibility, maneuverability, or breath-ability, and cost a fraction of the price of some high end airsoft masks. The Rampage Full Face masks are perfect for both outdoor and indoor CQB airsoft games. Get yours before they run out!

Black Bear x Airsoft Megastore

Airsoft Megastore has beenselected as the exclusive retailer for BBA high-performance faceprotection in the United States, as Airsoft Megastore's commitment toselling the highest-quality Airsoft products and accessories iscomplementary to Black Bear Airsoft's reputation for producing thefinest face protection you can buy. Through hundreds of hours of duediligence and market research, Airsoft Megastore has recognized thatBlack Bear Airsoft is the ONLY steel mesh mask manufacturer in the worldthat thoroughly and methodically tests their masks to ensure MAXIMUMPROTECTION in mission-critical scenarios. Their relentless efforts andattention to detail, along with their quality-driven approach iswell-represented in the quality of a finished Black Bear Airsoft mask-it's quality you can touch and feel, and protection you'll come to relyon during your most strenuous Airsoft Ops. In addition, the unanimouspraise that the global Airsoft community has given BBA masks is a truetestament to the quality of their masks, as they are the mostwidely-recognized and beloved mesh Airsoft masks in the world.AirsoftMegastore is proud to be BBA's exclusive US retail partner, andas always, guarantees the lowest prices on all BBA high-performanceproducts, backed by our 125% Lowest Price Guarantee.

Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability:

Airsoft protective gear are standard wear and tear items and as such, AirsoftMegastore is not liable for any damage or injuries caused as a result of improper protective gear use, protective gear failure due to strenuous circumstances, or any other forms of damage or injuries caused in relation to the use (or lack thereof) of protective gear. Particularly,Airsoft Megastore recommends the use of an additional layer of protection (balaclava/ski mask for face and skin; goggles/shooting glasses for eyes) in addition to the use of any steel/wire mesh mask for added safety. By purchasing and/or using any protective gear from Airsoft Megastore, you consent to, fully acknowledge, and fully agree to indemnify Airsoft Megastore in any consequential proceedings that may arise in conjunction with the proper and/or improper use of protective gear in the course of enjoying the sport of Airsoft.

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