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Black November 12,000rd 0.25g BB Blowout Bundle

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  • Limited time holiday bundle makes great gifts
  • Makes a great gift at a discounted price
  • Comes with 12,000 rounds of 6mm airsoft BBs

1 x Lancer Tactical Airsoft Tactical Metal Ammunition Can - LARGE - OD

SKU: CA-5001 Lancer Tactical
  • Perfect for those looking to stow a variety of ammo, tools, survival equipment and other vital accessories.
  • Incredibly durable and tempered full metal construction proves to be lasting by design and is great for finishing and hunting trips.
  • Ammo can's rubber gasket lining inside the lid provides a secure water and air tight seal to protect its contents from the elements and exposure to debris.
  • Protective can also showcases a collapsible handle feature which allows handle to become fully depressed and additional cans to stack neatly on top.
  • Stores 800x 5.56mm Cartridges and features yellow marking emblazoned on side of can.

3 x 0.25g Lancer Tactical Airsoft Seamless BBs - 4000 Round Bag

SKU: CA-103 Lancer Tactical
  • High quality seamless and polished BBs
  • Perfect spherical precision 6mm design
  • Competition grade airsoft BBs for max. output
  • Incredibly affordable price for all


Black November 12,000rd 0.25g BB Blowout Bundle

It's that time of year again and now has never been a better time to get that special someone -- maybe it's yourself -- the ultimate airsoft gift right shipped up to your doorstep! Airsoft Megastore just put together this package, and it comes with 12,000 rounds of our player-recommended airsoft BBs. Complete with an full metal 5.56mm Ammo Box with military markings, this BB bundle will load you up with plenty of ammo to last you at least several full-day games, especially if you're a run and gun type of player. But if you're any where in between, this 12,000-round BB bundle gives you the BBs you already need at a discounted price. We highly recommended this BB bundle if you play often, plan to go to a MilSim event, or just want a really big metal box with a BUNCH of BBs to go a long with it. This Blowout Bundle not only makes a great gift for the coming holiday but is a must-have for any airsofter.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Tactical Metal Ammunition Can - LARGE - OD

Add some war-fighting personality to your personal storage with an incredibly solid metal military style 5.56mm Ammunition Can by Lancer Tactical. This Medium sized Ammo can bears a striking resemblance to the Genuine U.S. Military Issue variety made popular by members of the U.S. Armed Forces in support of Freedom. By design, this ammo can has a sturdy construction that is surely built to last.

One can think of many items to safely keep within. A Rubber O-Ring lined top keeps contents free of dust, moisture and other debris. The front metal latching system locks down securely and ensures that once your can is closed- it stays closed until needing to be reopened once more. The swing up carry handle is great for easy transport, and breaks down so that other boxes can easily stack on top. This piece is perfect for the survivalist, tactical aficionado, outdoorsman or gear nut.

Emblazoned in yellow in bold lettering is the nomenclature of the intended ammunition, but you’re more than welcome to fit just about any sort of valuable, tool, keepsake or otherwise into this protective can.

0.25g Lancer Tactical Airsoft Seamless BBs - 4000 Round Bag

Lancer Tactical BBs are completely seamless, polished and meet high standards, ensuring you have the best quality to go with Lancer Tactical's tried-and-true airsoft guns, including the Gen 2, ProLine and Enforcer series rifles.

About Lancer Tactical

Lancer Tactical was established in 2012 to bring high performance airsoft products with innovation design to players, such as Enforcer AEGs, Proline Gen-2, Legion HPA system. Throughout the campaigns and tournaments, Lancer Tactical promotes the image as being reliable to professional players.

Lancer Tactical also provides durable, affordable tactical gear to meet military simulation and airsoft needs.

"SET TO WIN." is a trademark of Lancer Tactical and one of the core components of Lancer Tactical. The slogan was coined in 2018.

In the Box

Bundle Contents:

1 x Lancer Tactical Airsoft Tactical Metal Ammunition Can - LARGE - OD

1X Ammo Can

3 x 0.25g Lancer Tactical Airsoft Seamless BBs - 4000 Round Bag

1X 4000 Round Bag of BBs


Lancer Tactical Airsoft Tactical Metal Ammunition Can - LARGE - OD

Brand Lancer Tactical
Construction Full Metal
Dimensions 7" in. x 8.5" in. x 12.75" in.
Capacity 800x 5.56mm Cartridges
Color OD Green

0.25g Lancer Tactical Airsoft Seamless BBs - 4000 Round Bag

Brand Lancer Tactical
Diameter 6mm
Weight 0.25g
Capacity 4000 Rounds
Color White

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Black November 12,000rd 0.25g BB Blowout Bundle Quick Compare

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